Bronzite Palmstone



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Also know as Worry Stones – Palmstones are smooth surfaced and give gentle energy that feels comfortable when held.

Approx 70 x 50 x 10mm in size.

NB. Actual crystal sent may vary slightly in colour and appearance to photo.

Bronzite is used mainly for protection. This stone is not only crucial for clearing negative energy but is powerful enough to send the negative energy back to the sender.

Since it helps to clear negative energy, the stone is used primarily by energy healers to increase willfulness and ability to focus on essential issues.

For the most part, Bronzite is required if you are at a crossroad or will want to make an important decision in your life. This is because the stone increases clarity, clears confusion and improves your ability to focus on the most important things in life.

Bronzite is also called the stone of courtesy. It helps people to be polite, and when you greet in public a lot, you might want to consider getting this stone.


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