Friends Forever Fairy and Dragon



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Forever is a wonderful fantasy piece designed by Anne Stokes that is of
the highest quality, from the brilliant colours throughout down to the
finest details such as the fairy?s tattoos and the intricate patterns on
the back of the chair. The Fairy Queen is sitting on the most beautiful
throne, relaxing, with her dragon draped across her knee as we would a
cat or small dog at home. The dragon is resting and looks completely at
ease knowing no harm will come to his precious owner whilst he?s there.
The finishing touch is that his tail is effortlessly entwined around her
leg letting you know they are most definitely ‘friends forever’. This
piece measures 21cm tall and is a sturdy, solid item weighing over 1kg.
It comes beautifully packed in an Anne Stokes gift box and makes a
fantastic gift idea.

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