Moon & Star Incense Stick & Cone Holder Round


Ash Catcher

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This lovely moon and star wooden ash catcher is made from sheesham wood,
a hard rosewood indigenous to India, the wood for this item comes from
renewable forest plantations. Each incense holder is hand made in India
and has been finished with wonderful inlayed brass details. It is then
waxed to bring out the natural colour and finish of the wood. The four
brass holes firmly hold the incense sticks upright while burning which
simply allows the ash to fall onto the dish, keeping your furniture
clean and ash free. These brass holes are surrounded by gold stars and
in the centre there is a pattern of a gold moon and a star. This
charming incense holder allows you to burn up to four incense sticks and
a cone at the same time to create your own favourite individual aroma
and would make a beautiful gift especially when accompanied with our
incense sticks. This incense holder is approximately 7cm in diameter.

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