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Stages of Meditation – Training the mind for Wisdom by The Dalai Lama.

Stages of Meditation is a landmark work on the subject of meditation.

In it, His Holiness offers his highly practical views on the subject: how to do it, the various different procedures and approaches we can take, what we and others may gain from it. He explains how we can develop a spiritual path in a proper sequence rather than in a scattered, piecemeal fashion. He also shows the importance of building up both method and wisdom, as well as cultivating compassion and ‘special insight’ as we train our minds.

This impressive and stimulating book will not only bring the Dalai Lama – one of the world’s most popular and pragmatic spiritual leaders – to a huge new audience but, because so many people round the globe are now practising meditation, from a basis of religious faith or none, this is a work which will doubtless be in print for many years to come.

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