Chrysocolla Howlite Drilled Tumblestone



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Chrysocolla promotes serenity and dispels negativity. It can be used as an aid for meditation and communication.

It will cleanse and reenergise all of the chakras in the body.

It can provide self-awareness, level-headedness, motivation and bring in joy for those who need it.

In terms of holistic healing it is good for bones, lungs, arthritis, insulin levels, throat infections, burns and muscle cramps and spasms. For women it can be used for treating menstrual cramps.

Tumblestone with drilled hole for a neck cord/chain. A length of cord is included in the price. Usually the cord will be black but we do have a few different colours if you would prefer – please contact us for details.

Tumblestones are natural crystals which have been polished to look and feel beautiful.

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