Shiva Lingham


Shiva Lingham

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A stone of nurturing, a form of quartz discovered in the sacred Normada River in India – Lingham describes the egg-like shape and is said to boost fertility. It is said to awaken Kundalini energies of spiritual transformation.

In Feng Shui the sacred Shiva Lingham is used to direct energy flow throughout the home. It is said to balance male and female polarities with oneself and can bring you closer to your partner if placed in a relationship/marriage area.

In tantra the phallic shape embodies masculine energy. The markings named Yondi for feminine energy put the male/female world in harmony.

A physical body stone nurturing the second chakra, both raising and grounding the Kundalini energy in oneself.

Measures 80.4 mm long x 42 mm wide.

80.4mm long x 42mm wide

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