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Indochinite Tektite

Indochinite is a Tektite much like Moldavite occurring mostly in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

According to Dr. John A. O’Keefe, a former NASA astronomer, Tektites may have evolved as a result of lunar volcanoes or collisions, and they may have once orbited the Earth as a Saturn-like ring.

A powerful tool for healing and self-protection during the pandemic.

Indochinite is an excellent companion for healing sessions, especially for root chakra healing, from which the rest of the chakras will benefit. Wearing a Tektite will boost the vibrational frequency of one’s aura field which also means more protection and more energy. When meditating with Indochinite, you will feel grounded, which will assist in extending the consciousness beyond the terrestrial realms.

Put it in your purse or wear it as jewellery as part of your anti-covid regimen to keep yourself extra safe during this pandemic. It can recover vitality, soothe respiratory systems after an illness, and relieve allergies and hay fever. This is just a short list of advantages, but if you had covid and are feeling out of balance, this is something to think of acquiring for yourself, as well as for self-protection when out and about.



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