How we can help to Save Planet Earth

We take issues like global warming and plastic pollution seriously and can see the ongoing harm that it is doing to Mother Earth and feel that we should all play our part to help keep our planet earthy.

We look to the past, present, and future to further improve what we can do to help prevent an unnatural disaster.

The Past

We have always reused packaging boxes and bubble wrap where possible. This recycling helps lower the planet’s carbon footprint by preventing extra waste from going to landfills and either decomposing to form greenhouse gasses, or worse still, not decomposing at all.

We also do our best to source responsibly mined crystals and only supply genuine natural products (with the one exception of cat’s eye which is the only man-made crystal that we sell). Any products that are not up to our high standards are also not put on sale.

The Present

More recently we have taken the step to only buy 100% recycled bubble wrap so that we can be sure to help reduce plastic pollution.

We are now trying out some eco-friendly kraft paper-based packaging tape to use with our orders that we send out in a variety of orders. If your order arrives with this tape on then you can rest assured that you can pop the packaging into the recycle bin without it harming the environment, as it is also fully biodegradable.

completely crystals biodegradable eco-friendly packaging tape
Our new eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging tape

We are now using masking tape to seal any protective wrapping placed (such as bubble wrap or craft paper) around individual crystals.

The Future

We soon hope to receive some 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable Loose Fill Chips for void filling in boxed packaging.