Amazing jewellery made from Moldavite

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We are very proud to present to you some of
the beautiful jewellery that Sarah Zannotti creates from pieces of
Moldavite supplied by us, which she hand-crafts into beautiful designs.

We show some images below of the astonishing creations that Sarah has made…

Stunningly beautiful ring design

Astoudingly detailed creation

Check out more of Sarah’s amazing works at

right now!

Read more about the Moldavite that we supply by clicking here.

All about our Genuine Moldavite!

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We often get people asking
questions about our Moldavite so we have written this blog to try to
answer some of the common questions that we get about it.

I will try to accurately recite to you the amazing story that I was told while speaking on the phone to our supplier…

Moldavite is a natural crystal which was formed when a meteorite hit Earth and threw a great amount of hot rock and sand into the sky. As the rock fell back down to Earth it cooled, oxidised and solidified from it’s molten form into the green semi-transparent crystal that we know as Moldavite, which is an oxidised form of Silicon (common sand), chemically represented as SiO2. As a consequence of the rapid cooling in mid-air as it fell, bubbles solidify in the crystal giving it a mottled appearance. In fact you can often distinguish it from fake Moldavite by looking for these bubbles in your Moldavite as fake Moldavite is unlikely to have it. 

1. Is it genuine? I thought that the original mine had all dried up?

Firstly, all of our moldavite is genuine and we get it from a long standing reputable specialist supplier in crystals. It is not treated in any way. Some people ask if there is any certification of this with our Moldavite, but as it would cost over £300 from a gemologist for each piece, most people would not want to pay this for each crystal, so our crystal supplier kindly include a card with detailed information on both the crystals’ holistic and chemical properties. Fake Moldavite has known to be supplied as pieces of green tinted glass – look for the bubbles formed during oxidation in real modavite!

Some people say that that it’s no longer possible to get Moldavite because the original mine dried up and while the original mine most likely has dried up now, there are other mines dotted around in secret locations (for obvious reasons) which still yield a plentiful supply of genuine Moldavite.

People are often quite keen to get hold of Moldavite because it is said to have extra-terrestrial spiritual properties and although it is true that the asteroid that hit the Earth can be classed as extra-terrestrial, the rock which Moldavite is formed from is itself Earthen silicon based sand.

Our customers still report back to us that they can feel a great deal of power from our Moldavite and perhaps, indeed, it is this extra-terrestrial link which gives a rise to a spiritual connection with extra-dimensional beings and/or energies.

  • Our finished packs of Moldavite


    Our finished packs of Moldavite
  • Our finished packs of Moldavite


    Our finished packs of Moldavite
  • Modavite Excavation


    Modavite Excavation
  • Modavite Excavation


    Modavite Excavation
  • Modavite Excavation


    Modavite Excavation
  • Modavite Excavation


    Modavite Excavation
  • Modavite Excavation


    Modavite Excavation
  • Our finished packs of Moldavite


    Our finished packs of Moldavite

2. Why is it such a small piece? Can I get a bigger piece?

is a semi-precious stone and so has a high price to weight/size ratio.
This will mean that it will cost more to get a bigger piece as it is
highly sought after and valuable.

We can get
hold of larger peices on occasion, although these tend to be more
rectangular in shape unlike smaller pieces which can be more rounded.

possible alternative to Moldavite is our Tektite Tumblestones which are
from the same crystalline family as Moldavite (the Tektite family) and
you may find you can still tune into extra-terrestrial properties from
these crystals, but have the advatage of being a much bigger stone for
your money.

Buy Moldavite from us now by clicking here!

hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this brief topic on Moldavite, which I
hope answers a few questions for some people. Please feel free to
contact us, or sign up for a free account and leave a comment to any of
our blogs. Being a member entitles you to a discount on your purchaces
with the coupon code ‘mydiscount’ at the checkout.

Blessed be,


Managing Director.

Completely Crystals.

Benefiting from Crystal Healing in the Modern World

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Crystals are a mesmerizing creation which are used in a variety of industries and they have unlimited uses. From being an important part of solar cells to being used in medicinal treatments, crystals are definitely powerful. Crystals and stones are also used as an alternative medicine practice for healing since almost 6,000 years. Since then, its benefits have been unearthed on a large scale and has now become the center of many debates. Completely Crystals, a British company, offers a huge variety of crystals. Their aim is to raise awareness about crystal healing in order to promote harmony and balance.

The holistic approach to crystals is believed to be the key to happiness. People who have tried crystals as a healing method tend to embrace it for life. Crystal healing boosts the person’s energy levels and makes them much more active, making their physical and mental capabilities more efficient.

Ways of Using Crystals for Healing:

The simplest method of incorporating crystal healing in your everyday life is by using them during meditation. That is, if you are a Meditator. Hold your favorite healing crystal in one or both hands whilst meditating in order to feel the strength of the crystal.
Reiki (pronounced rey-key), is a Japanese energy therapy which is done on a patient to give them relief from stress and to help them relax. It heals the mind, body and spirit. Reiki practitioners also benefit from crystals by placing these stones on their 7 Chakras to strengthen the Chakras.
For each illness is an affiliated stone which heals that problem. Crystal therapists are aware of what crystals to use for what illness. Energy is balanced out throughout the body by swinging a crystal over the person’s body. 

In order to cleanse yourself of negativity, lay down and place healing crystals on your forehead and the throat. This procedure helps you to calm down and relax easily as the crystal regulates the energy flow in your body.

Wearing crystals throughout the day is the simplest way of benefiting from the crystals. These beautiful and colorful stones can be worn in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings or any other form of jewelry.

There are many more ways in which crystals are used for healing. It has become a popular and widely used alternative healing method with growing fans every day! People worldwide have reported almost immediate changes in their mind and body thanks to the use of crystals. From relieving headaches to reducing depression, healing crystals have many capabilities!

Every crystal has its own kind of power and they all have different effects on the individual. For example, Turquoise is known as the master of healing and positivity, smoky quartz helps you in getting rid of all the negative energy and thoughts and Celestite is the best crystal for clearing the mind, reducing stress and relieving anxieties.

If you have recently discovered the wonders of crystal healing or if you already are a practitioner, we would like to introduce to you Completely Crystals. The ultimate destination for you to view and purchase different types of crystals and stones. Completely Crystals has been trading high quality and genuine crystals since 2012. Our most popular products include crystals like moldavite, hematite, angelite, selenite, etc. There is a large variety of powerful crystals on our website from which you can choose your desired stones! We deliver worldwide and have gained reputation for excellent delivery services and supreme quality of our products.

How to Runecast

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How to Read with my Runes

by Elaine Browne (Reiki Level II)

Rune stones date back many centuries as atool used for divination. Each carries a symbolic inscription which is subject to interpretation, categorised within the same family as pendulums and tarot cards

Prior to any use of stones:

Take time to clear your mind and focus on what it is you seek answers to, taking the bag filled with stones in your receptive/dominant hand, mentally or vocally call upon your divinity of choice; angels/spiritguides etc and invite only those from the highest vibrations and from the whitelight of the holy spirit to make contact and work for your greater good,clearly state that no other realms are welcome.

It is important to cleanse all stones both before and after any use in order for them to work for you. This can be donevia smudging or rinsing under flowing water.

Think carefully about how to word yourquestions to the runes, for e.g. open questions allow much more scope for explanations unless it is a yes or no only reading.

Basic Readings

One rune draw:

Ideal for use on a daily basis as a guide towards your day- suggested questions may be what do I need to know  to make my day a success/ i.e. should Anzus bedrawn it may well imply that communication will prove to be of importance that day and be sure to listen well.

Three rune reading:

Pose the desired question and extract threerune stones (one at a time) from the bag. Interpretation is as follows; thefirst stone will hold an understanding of the question which has been asked (an overview) .The second stone relates to ‘action’ interpreting your opinions and what you may now wish to do next. The third should be fairly self explanatory and viewed as an outcome.

Four stone reading:

After stating your question, remove fourstones (one at a time) from the bag and lay them out from left to right. The first stone represents influences of the past, the second is current, the thirdone potential influences in the future and the fourth is representative of general energies and lessons to be learnt if behaviours are left unchanged.

Blank Runes:

If a blank rune is drawn at any time it canimply that the question is either not yet fully able or ready to be answered,or that it may be better that you don’ t know the answer. A repeat of the questionmay be asked, however should it still drawing as blank after a ‘third’ time,then this would strongly suggest that you are simply not meant to know the answer.

Post reading:

Be sure to acknowledge and thank both thestones and your called upon divinity to ensure future guidance.

If you are someone who likes to reflect back, then it may be a good idea to create a log of the day/ time/ date/ place/purpose of reading.

Happy Reading

Crystals A-Z guide

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Here is our Crystals A-Z guide on the healing aspects of a variety of crystals written especially for us by Emily Browne. We hope to add more as time goes on…


This stone, considered to be the noblest stone of them all is the exemplar of personality and truthfulness. As well as these positive traits, the aegirine also holds the qualities of boosting one’s self with the confidence of being strong and passionate and also helps in eliminating negative thoughts and energy.


This stone is thought to be a symbol of Tangible Truth. It is commonly known to assist in manifesting a realistic version of the physical world. Its energy is put to good use in the form of helping to alleviate worry, panic and fear, and supporting the maintenance of a tranquil connection to the present.


Amber is best recognized for bringing about a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time. It is also known to help manifest desires as well as assisting in heightening a person’s intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom.


Amblygonite can assist in enhancing your creative side as it encourages your inner brilliance to flourish and prosper. It is also a great stone for if you want to alleviate yourself from emotional hooks and stress from past experiences and relationships and can help you to become free from the past.


This crystal can be of great use particularly when you are learning new things or being taught something as it helps you to have a better understand of things and heightens your ability to obtain information. In terms of its healing properties this crystal is believed to help eye disorders and help with sensitivity towards medication and the recovery of an allergy.


This particular stone is a protection stone and can help in warding off negativity and the evil eye. This crystal can assist in meditation as it can help to release memories from a past life and offers insight into the purpose of life. This crystal can also help to relieve people’s anxiety and phobias as well helping to keep people’s energy levels up during times of illness.

Angel Wing Calcite

This crystal promotes contact and our ability to connect with the angelic realm. It assists in a person’s meditation and their capability to relax whilst enhancing their spiritual mind.

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura can help people by enhancing their speech to assist them to speak with more confidence when in a group or too the public. This also assists with a person’s personal growing by encouraging them to use self-expression in a calm and loving manner.


This crystal is undeniably calming and soothing. It helps to bring out the truth in people as well as encouraging trust between one person and another. The history of this crystal is very much water orientated, as it was said to be seen by mermaids as a form of treasure and it is believed that sailors would carry it for good luck and protection.


Azurite is useful for those who are studying as it helps to relieve stress as well as encouraging your brain to maintain various information. It can also be a good crystal to purchase if you need help connecting to your creative side. It is a very good stone to use for crystal meditation.


Benetoite is an extremely rare crystal only found in California. They aid us with protection and enable powerful physical development when attempting to communicate with other realms. It also helps rid us of our individual ignorance of the world and encourages us to stand up for what we believe in.

Black Kyanite

This crystal is often used in meditation as it gives out a very healing energy and can be used to explore the subconscious mind and give us an insight into past lives and helps us to understand how our current actions can affect our future lives.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline acts as a protective shield against all forms of negative energy, whilst in turn promoting positive energy. This crystal is also good at bringing about happiness and good luck in people as well as encouraging confidence and a better outlook on the world.

Blue Andean

This crystal will assist those who’s nervous system and emotions are in need of calming. It will also help to heal those with past past-life injuries and painful memories. It can be a useful crystal for those who are shy as it helps to bring out people’s inner confidence and re assures them that their opinions are just as important.

Blue Apatite

This stone is particularly useful for those who want to achieve personal goals. It helps to give people a clearer understanding of things as it clears away confusion and traces of apathy towards learning, therefore giving people a better expansion of knowledge.

Blue Kyanite

This crystal possesses a very useful property of being able to bring all of the chakras together into alignment, as well as the ability to open them when encouraged to. In terms of its use for meditation, kyanite will help in relaxing and calming your mind, as well as heightening the development of your spiritual and physic gifts.


Brazilianite is believed to have the power of encouraging the manifestation of a person’s dreams and desires and is also connected to the ideas of creativity and passion. This crystal can benefit someone who feels they hold the position of a victim within their relationship by promoting them to have empowerment instead.

Brown Tourmaline

This crystal helps to assist a person in accepting who they are on all levels by cleansing and soothing their emotional and physical bodies. It is also affective in encouraging a person to feel a higher sense of love and compassion towards others.


This crystal helps people to understand and accept moments of the past and present, as well as the future. Much like other particular crystals, bytownite can help to align all of the chakras.


Cancrinite is good for encouraging will power and strength, whilst helping to stimulate somebody’s physical abilities. It also helps to bring out confidence in a person.

Chromian Diopside

Chromian Diopside is known to protect from all evil and bad memories, which is why some believe that placing it on your forehead before sleeping can prevent you from having bad dreams. This crystal is also linked with promoting creativity and heightening intellectual ability.


Chrysoberyl is considered to have a very uplifting effect on a person’s emotions and is seen as a soothing crystal. It is also connected with the idea of bringing good luck and fortune, as well as promoting self-esteem and happiness in a person.


Danburite is a healing crystal and can be used to boost a person’s self-esteem. It can also be effective in helping a person deal with change for example the loss of someone close to them.

Dark Green Tourmaline

This crystal can bring good luck to a person, as well as success and prosperity. Green tourmaline is effective in helping a person overcome emotional problems, particularly if it involves a male.


This is a grounding crystal and can help aid communication between people. It is also a very proactive stone.


Diopside encourages emotional stability and helps bring about peace of mind and a sense of wellbeing. It can also help raise one’s consciousness and balances yin yang energies.


Enstatite is believed to encourage ambition and desire in a person. It is often helpful for lifting people’s moods and it can be used to help ease and resolve past regressions.


This crystal doesn’t have a specific property as it is believed to affect individuals in different ways. But in general, it is thought to aid prosperity and helps to encourage generosity.

Fire Opal

Fire Opal holds energies with the ability to handle change well and comfortably. It also brings vitality and creativity out in a person.


Fulgurite can be used to enhance phycic abilities and communication. It can help in the fore telling of the future as it aids concentration.

Gold Scapolite

This crystal helps you to look deeply inside yourself to see the solutions for past problems and present problems. It also helps to bring about change physically, intellectually, or environmentally.

Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst contributes a concept of death and reincarnation and eases tensions. It is also used to increase the strength of one’s inner and intuitive awareness and can be used to enhance spiritual consciousness.

Green Kyanite

This is a communication crystal which can help enhance telepathic and psychic abilities. It can be used to bring tranquility and a sense of calmness upon a person.

Harlequin Quartz

This crystal is powerful in balancing emotions as it encourages self-love and acceptance in a person. It can be effective in removing fear based on past events.


This crystal is good for communication and can be particularly helpful in healing an unhealthy or damaged relationship. The fact that this crystal encourages compassion can also help aid this.


This crystal promotes growth in the form of emotions and spirituality, as well as helping relieve someone from emotional stress. It helps us to focus on the present instead of worrying about the past or future events.

Imperial topaz

This crystal has many uses, some of which include; preventing bad dreams, promoting self-esteem and confidence, bringing about charisma to the person using it. Another belief for it is that when its combined with tiger eye, topaz brings money and wealth to a person.


This crystal helps to bring a healthy relationship between the emotions of the heart and mind. It can be useful for a person under stress, particularly if its due to an argument as it helps to relieve tension and promote peace.


This crystal uses are mainly related to the brain as it helps one to focus whilst also increasing the function of the brain. As well as this it can be used at night to encourage more vivid and meaningful dreams.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium quartz is very useful for meditation as it helps to relieve tension and at the same time helps to activate all of the chakras, particularly the third eye and heart chakra. It can also be used to benefit a relationship with someone as it can enhance intimacy and passion when left under both of there pillows.


Much like lazulite this crystal can help enhance dreams and make them more vivid. It can also be useful in helping a person disconnect from unhealthy attachments by awakening the intelligence of the heart.


Some fortune tellers will use this crystal as it helps to foretell the future and enhance intuition, as well as bringing about good fortune. Some people will use it to help them when doing something such as a project as it promotes inspiration.


This crystal can help someone develop trust for another whilst also helping relieve them of unhealthy emotions. It can help a person feel more joy and confidence within themselves.

Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite helps to speed up development on both a physical and spiritual level, whilst encouraging self-trust. It can also aid ‘clear sight’, both literally and symbolically.

Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite in particular is a very uplifting variety of Kyanite as it is highly energizing and motivational. It can also help promote and enhance creativity.

Oregon Sunstone

This crystal helps relieve someone of feelings of failure and also eases sad memories from the past. its properties do vary from ordinary Sunstone.


Peridot is commonly linked with the heart chakra, as it can be used to balance and stimulate that chakra. It is a great crystal for compassion and healing and can be used to heal and bring harmony to all kinds of relationships, particularly marriage.


Petalite is a very powerful protection stone as it helps to shield against negativity. It can also help to heal somebody after emotional trauma and encourage them to love and take care of themselves.


This crystal can assist in linking the third eye and crown is also believed to stimulate prosperity and financial abundance, as well as heightening psychic abilities

Pink Tourmaline

This is a powerful healing crystal which can be linked to helping people recover from depression. This is because it can help relieve attachments to past illnesses or injuries.


Prasiolite helps to relax the respiratory system and helps to leave a calming effect. It can also be used to help strengthen and express a person’s emotions.

Preseli Bluestone

This stone is very much related to getting in touch with past lives particularly in the time of Celtic Britain. It is believed that this stone can help you gain information about the past and even connect with ancestors from that period of time.


This crystal can create a focus for those who find meditation difficult. It is very useful for restoring energy when feeling low and depleted.


Silicon encourages calmness, a feeling of lightness and a sense of peaceful serenity upon a person. It can also enhance communication and thoughts.

Stalactitic Chalcedony

This is very high frequency vibration crystal, and therefore is generally for the more experienced users. This is due to the fact that it can aid communication with both the Angelic Realms and with nature spirits

Starburst Quartz

This crystal helps one to follow hopes, dreams, and ambitions to their greatest height. It also helps to lift spirits and encourages drive and ambition.


Sunstone helps to uplift someone when there feeling low, that’s why it can be used alongside other things as a form of anti-depressant. In relation to this it can help let go of feelings of failure, and eases sadness from the past.

Tibetan Quartz

This crystal is recommended for more experienced crystal healers as it exhibits a powerful, focused and detached linear energy. Also, due to the fact that it can be used as a wand or control crystal.


Tibanite helps to calm, stabilize and balance moods and emotions. Alongside this it acts as an overall healing crystal.


this can be used to help overcome and accept challenges we come across in life whilst giving us the energy to face them.


This crystal can help to strengthen, calm and protect, whilst blocking out negative influences and helping prevent mood swings by promoting self-expression.


Vanadinite is a powerful energy booster and can encourage one’s creativity as it helps to clear obstructions in this department. It also offers stamina to see a particular task through.

Vera Cruz Amethyst

This crystal can help aid sleep as it gives of a very calm and soothing energy. It is also believed to be helpful when going through bereavement or addiction.


This is a good crystal for self-progression and allows someone to see the whole picture in any situation. It is also good for distributing energy evenly throughout the body.


Xenotime helps to remove obstructions in the way of success and helps a person to focus on an end goal, whilst enhancing creative abilities.


This is an energizing and mood lifting crystal. It is also a good aid for manifestations when used in small doses.


This is a helpful crystal in terms of bereavement as it can help recovery from loss, and can aid detachment from the material side of the world.

Crystal Information Guide

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The following sections: ‘What are crystals?’, ‘Cleansing crystals’, ‘Programming crystals’, ‘Crystal Beauty’, ‘Crystals and the Chakras’, and ‘What is magic?’, were kindly written for us by Elaine Browne (Reiki Level II qualified practitioner).

What are Crystals?

For thousands of years, crystals have been used for protection and adornment. Crystals are born deep within the womb of Mother Earth – defined as ‘a substance solidified in a definitive geometric form’.

Any stone with a crystalline structure can be referred to as a crystal. This geometric form results from the way in which crystals were created millions of years ago.

Superheated gases and mineral solutions forced their way up and out of The Earth’s molten interior towards the surface. In time, as they cooled, atoms formed orderly patterns. Three-Dimensional lattices repeating throughout are what hold the crystal’s internal structure stable.

Crystals can be sectioned into families or groups sharing basic qualities even though they may appear different.

Their appearance is affected by the pressures and temperatures at which they were formed.

Cleansing Crystals

Due to crystals absorbing so much energy from their surroundings it is highly important to cleanse them regularly. Ideally, those used for decorative purposes should be cleansed monthly and those used in healing frequently should be cleansed daily of after each use; otherwise, any negative energies/vibrations picked up by it will be easily passed on.

Crystals will absorb any negativity from people or its placing so that positivity can be replaced.

Easy ways to purify…

Natural forces – Plants, Sun, Moon, water, etc. are very effective in ridding of stale energies.

Smudging – Hold the crystal in smoke from a Sage smudge stick – use a feather to fan smoke across the crystal.

Visualization – Use your mind to picture a pure white light coming down and surrounding the crystal. Transmit the energies until the crystal shines out once more.

Water – Immerse in water for an hour or two. NB. Please remember that this method is not suitable for soft or friable stones.

Quartz Cluster – Stand the crystal on a large quartz cluster for approximately twelve hours and leave in moon or sunlight. Stones have a natural affinity to benefit from this.

Programming Crystals

Crystals work best when programmed for a specific desire which harnesses your intent.

In order to make a crystal your own, it is important to first program it. This ensures that whatever your intention for it will come about.

1. Always remember to dedicate the energies for the highest good.

2. Dedicate immediately after cleansing.

3. Dedication is simple but enormously effective as it positively focuses any intention.

How to program a crystal…

1. Hold the crystal in your hands and picture a pure light around it.

2. Reinforce that the crystal will only be used for the highest good in love, light and healing; then move directly on to programming.

3. It is important to focus while programming and remember that imprecise wording confuses crystals whilst meticulous wording directs precisely.

Crystal Beauty

The shape of a crystal determines how it transmits energy and what impact that energy has on its surroundings. Here is a brief guide to what to look for depending on its intended use…

Geodes – Cave like in appearance. These both diffuse and contain energy.

Square Crystals – Consolidate energy.

Pyramid Shape – Tightly focus energy through the apex.

Egg Shaped – Are brilliant for use on the body and rebalancing blockages – can be a tool in alternative therapies.

Spheres – These emit energy in all directions equally. They can be used to transport energy from other times or places.

Clusters – Radiate out their intense energy which surrounds them. They are very cleansing!

Double Terminated (points both ends) – Used for balance as they give and absorb at the same time.

Long Pointed Crystals – Focuses in a straight line depending on which way it is pointing. Draws off or injects energy. They are useful in healing.

Crystals and the Chakras

Chakras are energy points which link the physical body with electromagnetic bodies which surround it.

When balancing and healing the Chakra, a colour appropriate stone is placed where comfortable (back or front of the body) on the Chakra (and optionally above the head or below the feet) to perform certain tasks.

Specific colours aid specific tasks, and can be chose to either energise or sedate a Chakra depending on need.

The colour of the stone/crystal used has the following effects…

Oranges and Reds – Stimulate.

Blues and Greens – Calm.

Violet – Elevates.

The seven Chakra points and their corresponding colours are as follows (note that alternative colours are often used for Chakra points and different sources may state them differently)…

1. Crown – Violet

2. Third Eye – Indigo

3. Throat – Blue

4. Heart – Green

5. Solar Plexus – Yellow

6. Sacral – Orange

7. Base/Root – Red

As an optional extra, stones may also be placed at The Higher Crown (above the head) and on The Earth (below the feet).

What is Magic?

Magic can so easily be incorporated into everyday life to aid you through a whole host of tough challenges and obstacles. Magic and crystals go way back. All elements have a magical force about them…

In Fire – We see movements in flame and hear crackles with reactions similar to those of electricity holding a positive charge. This is known as ‘Electrical Fluid’, relating directly to the expansion qualities of fire.

In Water – Magnetic qualities are shown in river currents and tide rolls at moon rise. This force is ‘Magnetic Fluid’, holding a negative charge linking to shrinking and contracting qualities.

In Air – This Element has a good relationship with Fire (by nourishing and strengthening it) and Water (by changing its density: – transforming it to fog, snow, rain, etc.) Air provides a grounding force for when Fire and Water mix!!!

In Earth – This Element contains Fire, Water and Air in their most solid forms; together forming rocks, lava, etc. and makes our soils rich moist, warm and dusty. By actively involving these other three Elements, this is where Earth takes its life source from which is equivalent to ‘Electromagnetic Fluid’.