Discover the Magic of Birthstones: Unleash Your Inner Talents

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birthstones zodiac

Every month has a crystal that represents it. Depending on the month you were born, you will have a different birthstone. Here are all the birthstones for all twelve months and a brief explanation about what they do:


January: Garnet


Garnet is the stone of winter par excellence. It provides the vital strength you need during the cold months. If your birthstone is garnet, you provide a lot of strength to the people around you, and you have the soul of a warrior. Garnet is also connected to what the heart desires and empowers you to do what you must to achieve them.


February: Amethyst


Amethyst is the stone for transmutation and transformation. It can turn the energy of any person, situation, object, or being, and transform it into something more positive. If your birthstone is Amethyst, you have the capacity to go through deep transformative processes. You come back from these processes better than you were before, like a Phoenix.


March: Aquamarine


Aquamarine is a gentle guide to all things spiritual. It works as a spiritual compass of sorts, and keeping it close to you will keep you on the right path. People whose birthstone is Aquamarine incarnate with an ancestral wisdom from many lives past. They can tap into their wisdom. Then, they can gently translate the most complex of truths into terms even the most skeptical people can understand.


April: Diamond


Diamonds are one of the crystals with the highest vibrations. They are great for channeling messages from Angels, spirit guides, and your ancestors. People whose birthstone is Diamond are innately prepared to receive these messages from other planes. They have the ability to work for the planet to have higher vibrations.


May: Emerald


Emerald is a crystal that aids the heart during spiritual awakenings and powerful transitions. If your birthstone is Emerald, you have the capacity to lovingly guide people whose lives have been turned upside down. You may have to go through a few of these experiences yourself to earn wisdom.


June: Alexandrite


Alexandrite encourages the imagination and the inner voice. It is ideal for people in their youth. This is so because it will help them listen to their most authentic selves. Alexandrite can help you get aligned with the path that is right for them. It encourages emotional maturity and creativity. People whose birthstone is Alexandrite are meant to master their emotions and turn them into art.


July: Ruby


Rubies are like second hearts. When you thought the going was getting too tough, and you could not possibly go on for another second, Ruby comes to the rescue. It reveals a strength in you that you did not know you had. If Ruby is your birthstone, you can help others tap into these inner reservoirs of strength. You are known for bringing your heart into hopeless situations.


August: Peridot


Peridot is a very healing stone that became popular during wartime. It treats any kind of wound or physical pain. It holds the power of nature within. Its ability to heal has to do with its connection to Mother Earth. People whose birthstone is Peridot are usually very connected to nature. They are meant to look after it and be an advocate for all nonhuman natural things on this planet.


September: Sapphire


Sapphire is a crystal that invites us to let go of stress and limiting beliefs. It is great for codependent people. This is so because it helps them to break these damaging patterns. Sapphire encourages you to learn how to be autonomous and self-sufficient. People whose birthstone is Sapphire usually have a soul’s mission that involves breaking generational trauma. They will bringing new, renovated energies into the bloodline.


October: Tourmaline


Tourmaline has the capacity of absorbing any excess of energy present in a person, being, object or environment. It is a very noble stone that sacrifices itself for the betterment of everything else. People whose birthstone is Tourmaline have the task of becoming altruistic. However, they must do so without falling into the trap of self-sacrifice.


November: Topaz


Topaz is the crystal for empaths. Those who are drawn to Topaz feel the emotions and symptoms of their surroundings as if they were their own. Topaz helps them identify these external stimuli and not carry them as a burden. It teaches people to let others feel their pain instead of taking it on as their own.


December: Turquoise


Turquoise is the crystal for inner peace. Those whose birthstone is Turquoise are natural harmonizers. They know how to order any disordered situations and turn them into a state of harmony. These people might have a harder time having adventures and dealing with surprises and excitement. However, they are like a warm blanket in the lives of their closest friends and family.




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Considering Shungite to be another mineral found on earth would be belittling its properties for which it is known and used by scientists with great admiration. There is no wonder why they love it so much due to the fullerenes (molecules of carbon atoms). It is a non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98% weight of carbon. The origin of this mineral comes from Russia, Shunga village, in Karelia. Shungite is used in Karelia to purify drinking water and after filtration, it is safe to drink.

In recent years, many doctors, scientists, and of course well-known companies are taking great advantage of this amazing mineral. The reason is that it is now considered a very potent material and relatively cheap for the solution to many complicated environmental issues.

Many people are sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF) that come from our phones, modern TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, kindles, microwaves, Wi-Fi and the list goes on.

EMF sensitivity can feel like but are not limited to:

  • Lack of energy, tiredness after using the appliances
  • Irritated eyes, sensitivity to light or noise
  • Waking up tired and grumpy
  • Becoming forgetful and clumsy

If you have bought Shungite in bulk, it is advisable to wash them under warm water and let them dry. Place them near all of your home appliances and stick to the back of your phones, tablets, laptops, and so on. True Shungite will conduct electricity which is the simplest way to find out if you have got a genuine stone with you.



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Indochinite Tektite

Indochinite is a Tektite much like Moldavite occurring mostly in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

According to Dr. John A. O’Keefe, a former NASA astronomer, Tektites may have evolved as a result of lunar volcanoes or collisions, and they may have once orbited the Earth as a Saturn-like ring.

A powerful tool for healing and self-protection during the pandemic.

Indochinite is an excellent companion for healing sessions, especially for root chakra healing, from which the rest of the chakras will benefit. Wearing a Tektite will boost the vibrational frequency of one’s aura field which also means more protection and more energy. When meditating with Indochinite, you will feel grounded, which will assist in extending the consciousness beyond the terrestrial realms.

Put it in your purse or wear it as jewellery as part of your anti-covid regimen to keep yourself extra safe during this pandemic. It can recover vitality, soothe respiratory systems after an illness, and relieve allergies and hay fever. This is just a short list of advantages, but if you had covid and are feeling out of balance, this is something to think of acquiring for yourself, as well as for self-protection when out and about.




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Moldavite is often considered to be “born from the stars” because it has an extra-terrestrial origin. It falls in the tektite group and currently, scientists have theorized that tektites are produced by the rapid heating and eventual cooling of quartz-rich soils and rocks. The latest hypothesis is that moldavite and, in the same way, other tektites are the result of the terrestrial impact and represent molten target rocks expelled during crater forming.

Moldavite is usually sold in two main grades; standard and museum-grade, which naturally shows greater transparency and offers a distinct fern-like pattern. Either of the types has become fairly costly per gram since it is hard to find a genuine Moldavite in nature. Moldavite occurs in a variety of shades of green, including deep, forest-green, and pale to olive-green. The most desirable colour is a pure, light to medium green with no brown. The finest specimens are transparent and are known to be exceptionally rare. The most common shapes are those that result from its molten formation.

Individual tektite varieties are given distinctive names; derived from the region of their strewn field occurrence, and/or the place or country in which they are found. Examples of regional nomenclature include “moldavites”, named for the Moldau River in the Czech Republic, and “bediasites”, named for the Bedias Indians, for those found in Texas.

Indochinite, is a Tektite very similar to Moldavite.


Thumb Stones, also known as Worry stones or Fidget Stones

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These little stones look like an oval stone that has been compressed so hard that a broad thumbprint has been left in them. In this particular way, they are intended to pass between the index finger and the thumb in moments of stress and to provide relief, help in concentration and also during meditation in order to focus the mind.

Great for fidgeting and relaxing.

These little gemstones are great companions in our pockets for those times when we need to soothe our minds and nerves. They’re always there for you at a moment when you need to look out for something, something to hold on to. These smooth stones are perfect for fidgeting when you don’t know what to do with your hands.


Top uses of thumb stones:

  • Reiki healing
  • Spirituality
  • Massage therapy
  • Healing Crystal
  • Relief of anxiety
  • Relaxing
  • Healing the Chakra
  • At the exams
  • Stress in the workplace
  • Gain One’s Strength


These crystals have been formed over hundreds of years, and so every crystal in our shop is unique in a way, with its own individual traits. Take charge of all your crystals by dusting them regularly and reconnect with them by keeping them between your thumb and your index finger. Take a deep breath and exhale softly, sense the warmth of the stone and let it soothe the mind and restore the level of energy.

Blue Calcite Thumb Stone

They make a perfect gift for everyone, and they’re great to carry in a pocket.

Palm Stones for every occasion

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Palm stone

Palm stones are the ideal companions for those on the move or looking for relaxation, meditation and peacefulness of the moment. These stones would also fit perfectly as meditation room ornaments or workplace environment decorations to preserve the energetic balance of the room. Several forms of palmstone have defensive properties. Carrying a palmstone in your pocket or wallet makes it possible to protect yourself from harmful energies.

Amethyst Palm Stone

Palm stones as a meditation companion.

These stones make excellent companions during meditation, prayer, or in pursuit of a deeper connection with the universe and the Higher Self. Keep your palmstone in your palm, relax, breathe in and breathe out gently, close your eyes and feel the stone. You may experience a warm feeling in your palm, or a tingling feeling in your fingertips. This is a good indication of the profundity of the stone.

Palm stones of healers.

Many Reiki or crystal healers use various forms of crystals, and palmstone crystals are ideal for energy healers. Many healers are indeed conscious of the colours of the chakra, making it easier to pick the best palmstones for healing.

Palm stones are excellent aids to anxiety and stress, for those who face tension in their everyday lives, it is very useful to take their beloved palmstone around with them in a pocket or a pendant.

Using crystals for holistic healing

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various crystals

If you are plugged into the world of alternative medicine, you probably are considering crystal healing a run for the money. Crystal healing has been around for quite some time. Since ancient time, men have harnessed the power of these healing stone to align, transform and clear their mind, body and soul energy from the often harmful negative energy to a pure and fulfilling positive energy.

The Egyptians, Sumerians and even the Mayans who regularly adorn themselves with these crystals understood the positive impact of these stones on their mind which in turn keeps their physical body healthy and free from stress.

Even though our modern culture will choose rather forget or deny the healing capabilities of crystals, we cannot, for the most part, erase them totally. There are still many who have witnessed and will continue to believe in the healing powers of crystals. The followership is growing globally and we are seeing a renewed interest in this ancient holistic healing method.

How healing crystals work

Healing crystals work by aligning the various energy centres of the body to promote wellness, happiness and stress-free life.

Energy healers believe the human body is surrounded by a field of energy called chakra. This energy field is very much like a magnetic field which can push or attract other objects. Our thoughts produce vibrations which affect these fields and in turn, the field attracts to us what we are thinking. As such, the energy field helps in the manifestation of our thoughts and can bring to pass whatever we are thinking about; whether good or evil.

Healing crystals have the ability to align this life force and cleanse our chakra of evil or bad energy. This gives them a holistic healing power since they are the only thing apart from our mind which can influence the energy surrounding our body. As such, having a particular crystal on helps to vibrate the energy to a particular frequency giving rise to a manifestation of these thoughts.

This is why healers use different crystals to solve different problems. To effectively harness the healing power of crystals, you’ll need to select the crystal type that matches the frequency of your problem so it can lead to better manifestation.

How to choose a crystal

Choosing a crystal depends entirely on what you want and your connections with the healing crystal. Crystal experts often say the crystals choose you and not the other way around. As such, it is often recommended that you move around the crystal chop and look around until you can feel an almost physical connection with a particular healing crystal.

The connection can come in the form of a physical vibration, a tingling sensation or just a knowing feeling when you come in contact with your healing crystal in the crystal shop. If you feel drawn to a particular feeling or fall in love with a crystal; that’s often a sign that the crystal has chosen you.

It’ll also help to identify your particular problem and find a stone whose healing vibrations matches your problem. Below we have discussed some of the most popular healing crystals and what they stand for; you can use that as a guide for finding your healing crystal.

When it comes to healing with crystals, your intentions matter a lot because crystals work by sending your thoughts which most often are your intentions into the soul of the universe to bring such intentions into physical manifestations. As such, it important for you to be specific about what you want, when you want it and how you want.

Different types of crystals and what they do

White (crystal) quartz

White crystals are some of the most popular crystals used by energy healers in different parts of the world. The white crystal quartz has a pure and powerful energy source. It is used mainly to stimulate the brain to increase creativity and boosts the immune system. It has other important applications such as increased perception and deeper relaxation. Go for a white crystal if you are looking for clarity, healing and cleansing.

Rose quartz

The rose quartz is also known as the love crystal. The crystal is commonly used to attract love and protect a romantic relationship from negative energy. Go with rose quartz if you are after love, forgiveness and enhanced self-esteem.


This crystal has been used from time immemorial to cure hangovers and drunkenness. It provides a powerful point for opening one’s eyes and connecting them to the soul of the universe. As such, the amethyst aids meditation enhances intuition and stability. Go with an amethyst if you are looking for peace, healing and enhanced intuition.


Emerald is another stone that is connected with successful love. Go with this stone if you are looking for seeking for a relationship that will succeed as the stone promotes loyalty, sensitivity and diminishes negativity.


Citrine comes with a warm colour which signifies the crystal’s optimistic and warm energy. It is great for warding off negative energy or people and it doesn’t need regular cleansing as most healing crystals.

What to do after getting your crystal

After getting your crystal, one of the very first thing you might want to do is to cleanse the crystals. Crystals can easily get infected with negative energy, as such, cleansing them before using them is highly advisable.

Cleansing a crystal is very easy. Simply wash the crystal under a running natural source of water or a tap. Most times, you’ll need the water to be pure, clean and cold. Do not use hot or warm water.

After washing it, you can leave it to dry under the morning sun.

After cleansing your crystal, you’ll need to ‘program’ it with your intention. This involves giving the crystal a purpose by telling it your intention.

Hold the crystal in front of you with your eyes close, either aloud or in your head, tell the crystal your intention and what you want it to do for you. Acknowledge this with thanksgiving to the universe.

How to use your healing crystal

The more you touch your healing crystals, the more you can get out of them. So it makes perfect sense to always keep the crystal in contact with your body.

One of the best ways to do this is to wear them. You can make a necklace out of your crystal, a hand band, earrings or even ring.

Benefiting from Crystal Healing in the Modern World

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howlite wand

Crystals are a mesmerizing creation which are used in a variety of industries and they have unlimited uses. From being an important part of solar cells to being used in medicinal treatments, crystals are definitely powerful. Crystals and stones are also used as an alternative medicine practice for healing since almost 6,000 years. Since then, its benefits have been unearthed on a large scale and has now become the center of many debates. Completely Crystals, a British company, offers a huge variety of crystals. Their aim is to raise awareness about crystal healing in order to promote harmony and balance.

The holistic approach to crystals is believed to be the key to happiness. People who have tried crystals as a healing method tend to embrace it for life. Crystal healing boosts the person’s energy levels and makes them much more active, making their physical and mental capabilities more efficient.

Ways of Using Crystals for Healing:

The simplest method of incorporating crystal healing in your everyday life is by using them during meditation. That is, if you are a Meditator. Hold your favorite healing crystal in one or both hands whilst meditating in order to feel the strength of the crystal.
Reiki (pronounced rey-key), is a Japanese energy therapy which is done on a patient to give them relief from stress and to help them relax. It heals the mind, body and spirit. Reiki practitioners also benefit from crystals by placing these stones on their 7 Chakras to strengthen the Chakras.
For each illness is an affiliated stone which heals that problem. Crystal therapists are aware of what crystals to use for what illness. Energy is balanced out throughout the body by swinging a crystal over the person’s body. 

In order to cleanse yourself of negativity, lay down and place healing crystals on your forehead and the throat. This procedure helps you to calm down and relax easily as the crystal regulates the energy flow in your body.

Wearing crystals throughout the day is the simplest way of benefiting from the crystals. These beautiful and colorful stones can be worn in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings or any other form of jewelry.

There are many more ways in which crystals are used for healing. It has become a popular and widely used alternative healing method with growing fans every day! People worldwide have reported almost immediate changes in their mind and body thanks to the use of crystals. From relieving headaches to reducing depression, healing crystals have many capabilities!

Every crystal has its own kind of power and they all have different effects on the individual. For example, Turquoise is known as the master of healing and positivity, smoky quartz helps you in getting rid of all the negative energy and thoughts and Celestite is the best crystal for clearing the mind, reducing stress and relieving anxieties.

If you have recently discovered the wonders of crystal healing or if you already are a practitioner, we would like to introduce to you Completely Crystals. The ultimate destination for you to view and purchase different types of crystals and stones. Completely Crystals has been trading high quality and genuine crystals since 2012. Our most popular products include crystals like moldavite, hematite, angelite, selenite, etc. There is a large variety of powerful crystals on our website from which you can choose your desired stones! We deliver worldwide and have gained reputation for excellent delivery services and supreme quality of our products.

How to Runecast

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rose quartz rune set

How to Read with my Runes

by Elaine Browne (Reiki Level II)

Rune stones date back many centuries as a tool used for divination. Each carries a symbolic inscription which is subject to interpretation, categorised within the same family as pendulums and tarot cards

Prior to any use of stones:

Take time to clear your mind and focus on what it is you seek answers to, taking the bag filled with stones in your receptive/dominant hand, mentally or vocally call upon your divinity of choice; angels/spirit guides etc and invite only those from the highest vibrations and from the white light of the holy spirit to make contact and work for your greater good, clearly state that no other realms are welcome.

It is important to cleanse all stones both before and after any use in order for them to work for you. This can be done via smudging or rinsing under flowing water.

Think carefully about how to word your questions to the runes, for e.g. open questions allow much more scope for explanations unless it is a yes or no only reading.

Basic Readings

One rune draw:

Ideal for use on a daily basis as a guide towards your day- suggested questions maybe what do I need to know to make my day a success/i.e. should Anzus be drawn it may well imply that communication will prove to be of importance that day and be sure to listen well.

Three rune reading:

Pose the desired question and extract three rune stones (one at a time) from the bag. Interpretation is as follows; the first stone will hold an understanding of the question which has been asked (an overview). The second stone relates to ‘action’ interpreting your opinions and what you may now wish to do next. The third should be fairly self-explanatory and viewed as an outcome.

Four stone reading:

After stating your question, remove four stones (one at a time) from the bag and lay them out from left to right. The first stone represents influences of the past, the second is current, the third one potential influences in the future and the fourth is representative of general energies and lessons to be learned if behaviors are left unchanged.

Blank Runes:

If a blank rune is drawn at any time it can imply that the question is either not yet fully able or ready to be answered, or that it may be better that you don’ t know the answer. A repeat of the question may be asked, however, should it still drawing as blank after a ‘third’ time, then this would strongly suggest that you are simply not meant to know the answer.


Be sure to acknowledge and thank both the stones and your called upon divinity to ensure future guidance.

If you are someone who likes to reflect back, then it may be a good idea to create a log of the day/ time/ date/ place/purpose of reading.

Happy Reading

Crystals A-Z guide

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helaing crystal leaflet

Here is our Crystals A-Z guide on the healing aspects of a variety of crystals written especially for us by Emily Browne, Virginia Castiglione, and Jenna M.

We intend to keep adding more as time goes on…

African Jade

This is a variety of jade that is currently only mined in the south of South Africa. Sometimes, it’s also called Transvaal Jade. To the usual properties of Jade, it brings as an addition the capacity to improve business relationships. This hasn’t been confirmed, but a reason behind this additional property could be the fact that this stone has an origin in a continent where a culture of collaboration and cooperation has stood the test of the years and has overcome many trials that have tried to overtake it. It also helps with skin and kidney issues, but, of course, do not quit whatever medical treatment you’re doing regarding these issues just because you managed to get ahold of this stone.


Agate brings about physical healing. Its colour will inform what chakra and parts of the body it acts best on.


This stone, considered to be the noblest stone of them all is the exemplar of personality and truthfulness. As well as these positive traits, the aegirine also holds the qualities of boosting one’s self with the confidence of being strong and passionate and also helps in eliminating negative thoughts and energy.


This stone is thought to be a symbol of Tangible Truth. It is commonly known to assist in manifesting a realistic version of the physical world. Its energy is put to good use in the form of helping to alleviate worry, panic and fear, and supporting the maintenance of a tranquil connection to the present.


If you struggle to set boundaries or say what you really mean, this is the stone for you. It will empower your voice so you can be an advocate for yourself and others.


Amber is best recognized for bringing about soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time. It is also known to help manifest desires as well as assisting in heightening a person’s intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom.


Amblygonite can assist in enhancing your creative side as it encourages your inner brilliance to flourish and prosper. It is also a great stone for if you want to alleviate yourself from emotional hooks and stress from past experiences and relationships and can help you to become free from the past.


The crystal of transmutation, it will turn a negative situation into a positive one. It will initiate processes of deep transformation. It can be used on your Third Eye to strengthen psychic powers. It can be of help if you suffer from insomnia. It will make you exhausted at night (or whenever you need to sleep) and full of energy when it’s time to work.


Ametrine combines both amethyst and citrine in one piece. As such, it’s a stone for transformation and transmutation. It takes the energy of any situation, person, place, animal, or object around it and changes it so it has a higher vibration. Added to this property, it also brings to the carrier or wearer an incredible amount of energy and vitality. Students, researchers, and other people who manage high volumes of information can take advantage as well of Ametrine’s ability to help the wearer assimilate this information. When these two properties are fused in one stone, the transformation that happens is one that can give the wearer more energy and vitality. It is particularly useful in cases where people know something logically but can’t understand it with the heart.


This crystal can be of great use particularly when you are learning new things or being taught something as it helps you to have a better understanding of things and heightens your ability to obtain information. In terms of its healing properties, this crystal is believed to help eye disorders and help with sensitivity towards medication and the recovery of an allergy.


This particular stone is a protection stone and can help in warding off negativity and the evil eye. This crystal can assist in meditation as it can help to release memories from a past life and offers insight into the purpose of life. This crystal can also help to relieve people’s anxiety and phobias as well as helping to keep people’s energy levels up during times of illness.

Angel Aura Quartz

This variety of quartz is a work of alchemy. Clear quartz is exposed to extreme temperature and blended with certain metals like silver, platinum, or gold. It provides a very specific sort of protection that promotes inner peace, and reminds the wearer of their inner goodness.


Healers and people who do jobs related to transitions gravitate to this crystal. It’s chosen by delicate souls who are noble but not very ambitious. It helps them understand their own value. It’s best used in the hands or in the heart chakra.

Angel Wing Calcite

This crystal promotes contact and our ability to connect with the angelic realm. It assists in a person’s meditation and their capability to relax whilst enhancing their spiritual mind.

Apache Tears

This crystal can dissolve emotional blockages. It can also alleviate both emotional and physical pain.


This stone can treat a person who’s having a hard time assimilating information or bad news. They might be in denial, for example. They might also be out of balance when it comes to their energy levels because they give too much and have problems receiving. This crystal acts gradually, letting the person slowly but surely accept what happened, and start receiving their fair share.

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura can help people by enhancing their speech to assist them to speak with more confidence when in a group or too the public. This also assists with a person’s personal growth by encouraging them to use self-expression in a calm and loving manner.


This crystal is undeniably calming and soothing. It helps to bring out the truth in people as well as encouraging trust between one person and another. The history of this crystal is very much water orientated, as it was said to be seen by mermaids as a form of treasure and it is believed that sailors would carry it for good luck and protection.


Aragonite alleviates physical pain. Place it on the part of your body that hurts and it will take the pain away.


Azurite is useful for those who are studying as it helps to relieve stress as well as encouraging your brain to maintain various information. It can also be a good crystal to purchase if you need help connecting to your creative side. It is a very good stone to use for crystal meditation.


This crystal can help you achieve any sort of balance you need in your life. Be it work-life balance or quitting bad habits that throw you off-balance, this crystal can help you. It can also help you reconnect with your inner truth and start prioritizing what truly benefits your soul’s growth, as opposed to things that serve your ego or others.


Benitoite is an extremely rare crystal only found in California. They aid us with protection and enable powerful physical development when attempting to communicate with other realms. It also helps rid us of our individual ignorance of the world and encourages us to stand up for what we believe in.


This crystal can bring some relief during periods of isolation. It helps you calm down if you are in a disordered state. It can be a good companion for people going on shamanic journeys, as well as people who want to connect with other realms.


It will quickly bring about emotional harmony and gently help you ease out of emotional states like anger, sadness or stress. It is related to the heart of the soul and heals any emotions evoked by rough patches meant to help our souls grow.

Black Jade

A variety of Jade that is black in color, it is probably the most effective stone to fight and prevent nightmares and night terrors. It can help whoever decides to sleep with it have dreams that alert them of a threat to their security or integrity.

Black Kyanite

This crystal is often used in meditation as it gives out very healing energy and can be used to explore the subconscious mind and give us an insight into past lives and helps us to understand how our current actions can affect our future lives.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline acts as a protective shield against all forms of negative energy, whilst in turn promoting positive energy. This crystal is also good at bringing about happiness and good luck in people as well as encouraging confidence and a better outlook on the world.


The bloodstone is one of the few healing crystals that interact directly with the human circulatory system.

Bloodstone has the ability to cleanse the circulatory system and get rid of negative energy in it.

Mindfully, the stone can increase creativity, and idealism while discouraging selfishness. The bloodstone is an important healing crystal as it helps you become a better you and at the same time suppresses those feelings: irritability, aggressiveness, impatience that makes others despise you.

If others easily irritate you or you are quite impatient and have lost a lot because of these negative emotions, you definitely might want to get the bloodstone crystal.

Blue Andean Opal

This crystal will assist those whose nervous system and emotions are in need of calming. It will also help to heal those with past past-life injuries and painful memories. It can be a useful crystal for those who are shy as it helps to bring out people’s inner confidence and reassures them that their opinions are just as important.

Blue Apatite

This crystal is great for throat problems related to not being able to talk in a balanced way. It will alleviate your symptoms as well as helping to figure out when to talk and when to remain in silence, and how to best express yourself.

Blue Baryte

This stone is excellent for the removal of negative thoughts. It will help you let go. It improves dream recall and helps connect the mind to the body. Excellent for upper chakra blockages.

Blue Calcite

It helps you identify and remove mental blockages related to your patterns of communication. It can calm down any anxieties relating to public speaking, as well as social anxiety.

Blue Chalcedony

It can help unstable groups of people find more stable patterns. It is protective, as it can absorb negativity. It can help people who have selfish tendencies to become more generous. It can also help those who doubt their own worth and abilities. It helps them become open-hearted and full of enthusiasm.

Blue Goldstone

This crystal replenishes your energy when you are exhausted. It helps you realize what your goals are. It keeps you calm in stressful environments. It can be great to develop self-confidence.

Blue Kyanite

This crystal possesses a very useful property of being able to bring all of the chakras together into alignment, as well as the ability to open them when encouraged to. In terms of its use for meditation, kyanite will help in relaxing and calming your mind, as well as heightening the development of your spiritual and psychic gifts.

Blue Lace Agate

This is the best crystal for people who suffer from anxiety or are going through a stressful, nerve-wracking period. It will calm you down. You can put it in a baby’s shampoo if they have trouble sleeping at night.

Blue Obsidian

It can help you find hidden trauma in your patterns of communication, as well as help you own your darker communication habits. It helps with negative self-talk.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

It can help you gain a better insight into any situation. It helps you be objective and understand the big picture better.

Blue/Turquoise Howlite

This crystal helps you to find out what your emotions are and to be assertive and speak about what you are feeling. Ideal for people that have trouble expressing how they truly feel. It will also teach you empathy and to speak in a way that takes the other person’s feelings into account.


Brazilianite is believed to have the power of encouraging the manifestation of a person’s dreams and desires and is also connected to the ideas of creativity and passion. This crystal can benefit someone who feels they hold the position of a victim within their relationship by promoting them to have empowerment instead.


A great crystal for self-confidence and for becoming a more decisive person. It is also very protective and grounding.

Bronzite is used mainly for protection. This stone is not only crucial for clearing negative energy but is powerful enough to send the negative energy back to the sender. Since it helps to clear negative energy, the stone is used primarily by energy healers to increase willfulness and the ability to focus on essential issues.

For the most part, Bronzite is required if you are at a crossroad or will want to make an important decision in your life. This is because the stone increases clarity, clears confusion and improves your ability to focus on the most important things in life. Bronzite is also called the stone of courtesy. It helps people to be polite, and when you greet in public a lot, you might want to consider getting this stone.

Brown Tourmaline

This crystal helps to assist a person in accepting who they are on all levels by cleansing and soothing their emotional and physical bodies. It is also effective in encouraging a person to feel a higher sense of love and compassion towards others.

This color Tourmaline is especially grounding. It can help remove any excesses of energy present in your Sacral Chakra. It’s particularly effective to treat heavy periods and people who have problems performing in the bedroom. It can also help you replenish your creative energy after a demanding period of creation.


This crystal helps people to understand and accept moments of the past and present, as well as the future. Much like other particular crystals, bytownite can help to align all of the chakras.


Calcite of any color is great for people who struggle with abstract, logical thinking. It will improve your capacity to think in a complex way. It’s great for people who are learning something new. The color of the calcite will give you more information as to the chakras that it acts on and the parts of the body that will benefit from its use.


Cancrinite is good for encouraging willpower and strength, whilst helping to stimulate somebody’s physical abilities. It also helps to bring out confidence in a person.


This crystal is full of joy and will help you reconnect with your more cheerful side. If you’re an artist who’s in a creative slump, it will help you get out of it. It opens up and energizes the sacral chakra.


The best stone for people who work with Akashic Records. It helps you get in touch with your spirit guides and increases your intuition.


The national stone of Russia, Charoite is a crystal that will connect you with your soul’s purpose. It’s ideal for people who are choosing a career, in a transition from one career to another, or want to grow spiritually. It’s ideal for finding your vocation.

Chromian Diopside

Chromian Diopside is known to protect from all evil and bad memories, which is why some believe that placing it on your forehead before sleeping can prevent you from having bad dreams. This crystal is also linked with promoting creativity and heightening intellectual ability.


Chrysoberyl is considered to have a very uplifting effect on a person’s emotions and is seen as a soothing crystal. It is also connected with the idea of bringing good luck and fortune, as well as promoting self-esteem and happiness in a person.


People who are attracted to this crystal need to hear and nurture their Divine Feminine side. It will help you become more receptive and intuitive, and start cultivating the traits of the Divine Feminine within yourself.


This crystal will help you reconnect with the joy of living and the happiness that can be found in little things. Ideal for people who suffer from depression, as it is also very energizing. It can help with gut health. Students can benefit from its use because it aids in the retention of information. Because of its gold color, it is effective when manifesting abundance.

Crystal Quartz

This stone can be used for almost any purpose. It is very energizing so don’t use it to treat insomnia or anxiety. Besides those exceptions, you can set it with any intention and it will help you manifest it. It gives you a boost of mental energy. It also brings about clarity. It can be used to cleanse people, animals or spaces, as it attracts light and positive energy.

Dalmatian Jasper

A great grounding stone that will help you get in touch with your material reality, as well as heal anything that is standing in the way of your creativity.


Danburite is a healing crystal and can be used to boost a person’s self-esteem. It can also be effective in helping a person deal with change, for example, the loss of someone close to them.

This crystal brings some relief to people going through emotional pain. It helps people accept their true selves, as well as accepting other people. It can help you get in touch with the angelic realm, too.

Dark Green Tourmaline

This crystal can bring good luck to a person, as well as success and prosperity. Green tourmaline is effective in helping a person overcome emotional problems, particularly if it involves a male.

Desert Rose

It can aid you in past life meditation. It promotes positivity and a healthy amount of optimism. It can help you heal and strengthen any relationship and become more motivated.


It helps you develop your psychic gifts when you’re in a more advanced stage of your journey. It can help you develop your imagination. It works as an amplifier for any energies that are present, be they positive or negative. It is a great crystal for manifesting anything, including wealth.


This is a grounding crystal and can help aid communication between people. It is also a very proactive stone.


Diopside encourages emotional stability and helps bring about peace of mind and a sense of wellbeing. It can also help raise one’s consciousness and balances yin yang energies.


People who are attracted to dioptase often suffer from a soul fracture. They experienced something that was so traumatic their soul split into two and left a part of it behind so they could survive after the incident. This crystal is also popular among the fae. It is an extremely powerful crystal that works in a similar way to obsidian, in that it helps us come to terms with our trauma.


It helps you transition into a more calm frame of mind after a spiritual awakening. It also helps and comforts people who are going through a big transition. If you’re attracted to it and you’re not going through a spiritual awakening or a big transition, it might mean one is imminent.


Enstatite is believed to encourage ambition and desire in a person. It is often helpful for lifting people’s moods and it can be used to help ease and resolve past regressions.


This crystal doesn’t have a specific property as it is believed to affect individuals in different ways. But in general, it is thought to aid prosperity and helps to encourage generosity.

Fire Agate

This crystal helps you deal with any physical symptoms you may have as a consequence of blockages in self-expression and creativity. It can help you through a difficult fertility journey and get you out of writer’s block. It can also help you have the confidence to be more assertive and clear all your health problems that come as a result for not advocating for yourself when you should.

Fire Opal

Fire Opal holds energies with the ability to handle change well and comfortably. It also brings vitality and creativity out in a person.


It can help someone get past victim mentality and empower them to own their life choices and attract better things into their lives. It can make these people become more self-aware and reflect upon the effect their actions have on other people.


Fulgurite can be used to enhance psychic abilities and communication. It can help in the foretelling of the future as it aids concentration.


A great companion for any student, but especially those that are studying to become healers of any sort. It helps you get grounded and self-centered. It can help you open up to both meeting new people and spending more time with your loved ones. It helps you in the journey to forgiveness.


This crystal is great if you need some more physical energy. If you’re constantly fatigued or were weakened by a physical ailment, garnet will help you restore your levels of physical energy. It will also provide strength for you to overcome any situation.

Gold Scapolite

This crystal helps you to look deeply inside yourself to see the solutions for past problems and present problems. It also helps to bring about change physically, intellectually, or environmentally.

Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst contributes a concept of death and reincarnation and eases tensions. It is also used to increase the strength of one’s inner and intuitive awareness and can be used to enhance spiritual consciousness.

Green Apatite

This is great for people who have trouble expressing how they feel. If you talk too much about your feelings or you aren’t able to express them when it’s called for, it will invite you to say what you need to say. It aligns the throat chakra with the heart chakra and creates a bridge that aids in the expression of feelings.

Green Kunzite

This naturally green variety of Kunzite is ideal for those who need to receive the nurturing love they need to heal their wounded Inner Child. At a soul level, it will show them what love and compassion towards one’s inner child looks like, and, over time, the individual will start to emulate this Divine model of love towards themselves.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

A variety of Obsidian that’s gold in color. It applies the properties of Obsidian to the Solar Plexus. It will reveal any repressed trauma you may be holding there. That’s the kind of trauma that can affect your sense of personal power and your self-confidence. If you give it to a person who’s overly arrogant or conceited, it will show them their shadow self and, over time, it can guide them towards humility. It will, however, be a painful rather than a gentle process. This variety of Obsidian has ties to wealth and can be used at the workplace. It will reveal your business’s darker aspects and how these darkness keep money from flowing in. It can also show you your own individual shadow self regarding money, and help you come to terms with the sides of you that are keeping you away from much-needed cash.

Green Aventurine

This is a great crystal to treat a confused emotional state. Those who are attracted to Green Aventurine are confused about the true reason for their emotional turmoil. This stone will give them clarity to identify the root of their emotional state. It harmonizes emotional tension.

Green Fluorite

This crystal helps you understand what you’re feeling and come up with mental strategies to either express these emotions or act in a way that will bring about emotional fulfillment.

Green Kyanite

This is a communication crystal that can help enhance telepathic and psychic abilities. It can be used to bring tranquillity and a sense of calmness upon a person.

This can be used for cord-cutting in relationships when one person takes more than what they give. It can also help you channel guidance referring to any wounds or hurt you’ve experienced. It can help you heal anything that can be in the way of a healthy romantic relationship, though it can be a little harsh in its approach.

Harlequin Quartz

This crystal is powerful in balancing emotions as it encourages self-love and acceptance in a person. It can be effective in removing fear based on past events.


Hematite is the crystal for balance. It is used mainly for grounding and to bring stability back into your life.

If you are feeling constantly lost, stressed, or frustrated in your efforts, you might want to consider getting hematite as your healing crystal.

The stone can help you become calm and feel centred again.


This crystal is good for communication and can be particularly helpful in healing an unhealthy or damaged relationship. The fact that this crystal encourages compassion can also help aid this.

Herkimer Diamond

A call to action that involves taking the wheel of our own spiritual well-being. People who are starting to get aligned with their spiritual mission are attracted to this crystal.


This crystal promotes growth in the form of emotions and spirituality, as well as helping relieve someone from emotional stress. It helps us to focus on the present instead of worrying about past or future events.

Honey Calcite

This crystal helps you overcome any mental obstacles that stand in the way of you expressing your personality and being your most authentic self. If you have gut health issues related to anxiety, it can help you with that as well.


If you’re a little bit too logical and tend to rationalize your emotions, this crystal will help you actually feel them. It can help you find healthy ways to cope with your emotions and process what happens to you.


Hypersthene is among the few stones of power. Its primary focus is to increase the power of the mind and through the increased focus help it to manifest its true intentions.

Since this stone tends to interfere with the energy fields around the body and mind, it is an important element for clairvoyance and witchcraft. This is mainly due to its ability to energize the mind to bring its focus to manifestations.

This stone is not meant only for those who wish to get better at witchcraft. Hypersthene is for anyone who wants to remain focus and see what their goals are made manifest. The stone will help you to keep those goals in focus and at the same time energize your mind to go after such goals.

Imperial Topaz

This crystal has many uses, some of which include; preventing bad dreams, promoting self-esteem and confidence, bringing about charisma to the person using it. Another belief for it is that when it is combined with tiger eye, topaz brings money and wealth to a person.


Jade is one of the most popular stones used for carvings in various feng shui cures. While jade is more of a multipurpose stone with diverse ability, its most popular use is for purification.

As such, jade is usually regarded as the crystal for purity and serenity. For clearness, jade can soothe the mind and keep negative thoughts from it. It is also a powerful stone for treating kidney and adrenal gland problems.        

For serenity, the stone helps to restore balance and harmony to the wearer’s life. This harmony, in turn, will stimulate your mind to think better and make a more precise judgement.

If you are always finding little things irritable and lack tranquillity or are diagnosed with a kidney or adrenal problem, you might want to consider getting a jade stone.


When tackling important issues or are about to make an important decision, you want to remain calm, focus and sharp.

Jasper is the stone to go for at such important moments. Jasper is popularly known among energy healers as the supreme nurturer. This crystal can help you stay focus, collected and confident even in the face of the most challenging adversaries. Jasper also absorbs negative energy which otherwise could impair your senses of focus.


This crystal helps to bring a healthy relationship between the emotions of the heart and mind. It can be useful for a person under stress, particularly if it’s due to an argument as it helps to relieve tension and promote peace.

This is the crystal for inner child healing. Meditate with it in order to get to know your inner child’s wounds and heal them.


Labradorite can help you banish unwanted entities from people, animals or places. It is a great tool to improve psychic abilities or obtain guidance after a spiritual awakening.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is one of the most highly sought-after stones in ancient Egypt. This white blue stone is highly prized for its ability to connect the wearer to the universal source of wisdom. As such, the stone is regarded as the symbol of royalty, wisdom, gods, and power.

Today lapis lazuli is regarded by most energy healers as the crystal of truth. It helps to reveal the innermost truth and wisdom that may have otherwise eluded you. To bring out this inner truth, the stone tends to diminish some of the negative emotions such as repressed anger, etc. which may otherwise reduce your ability to express these inner feelings and truth to their fullest potential.

Lapis lazuli also encourages dignity in friendship and as such, can bring peace and honest into a relationship. This can help to increase the quality of intimacy that you have when you begin using the stone.


A stone that’s found in Central America, it seems to mimic the patterns of the beautiful sea of the Caribbean. This stone is used to treat old wounds in the soul. Perhaps these wounds are so old indeed that they date from a past life. It can also help the wearer embrace the beauty of sorrow and grief and understand its need for these emotions in the world.


This crystal uses are mainly related to the brain as it helps one to focus whilst also increasing the function of the brain. As well as this it can be used at night to encourage more vivid and meaningful dreams.


Lepidolite is the stone of transition. The stone brings about changes by rearranging and reorganizing your behaviours back to their original state.

This is why energy healers often recommend the stone for those who suffer from addiction and will want to be free from its grip.

The stone can help heal addiction and other forms of emotional struggles through its ability to reorganize those deeply seated emotions and change back to their default and pure state. Physically, the stone can help improve the immune system, sharpen the nervous system and reorganize genetic codes to bring about a dimensional shift in emotional health.

Libyan Glass Tektite

Similar to moldavite, it will attract opportunities for your soul to grow and change in quite a dramatic way. It is powerful and works quickly.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium quartz is very useful for meditation as it helps to relieve tension and at the same time helps to activate all of the chakras, particularly the third eye and heart chakra. It can also be used to benefit a relationship with someone as it can enhance intimacy and passion when left under both of their pillows.

Lime Jade

Named after its unique color, this variety of jade promotes love and nurturing. Whether you need to become more giving and nurturing or you need more of this energy in your life, Lime Jade can help you manifest it and/or guide you on your journey towards personal growth.


A very versatile crystal, malachite works mostly on the physical body by absorbing pain. It can be a source of comfort for anyone who is sad or grieving. It can help people accept the challenges that their soul has chosen for this incarnation. As it absorbs any negativity around it, it is great for protection. Because of its colors, it is also associated to attracting wealth and luxury.

Mauve Fluorite

It aids in concentration and learning. It can be used to come to terms rationally with newly-found psychic abilities. It will help you learn larger amounts of material than what you’re used to.


Much like lazulite this crystal can help enhance dreams and make them more vivid. It can also be useful in helping a person disconnect from unhealthy attachments by awakening the intelligence of the heart.


Some fortune-tellers will use this crystal as it helps to foretell the future and enhance intuition, as well as bringing about good fortune. Some people will use it to help them when doing something such as a project as it promotes inspiration.


This crystal can help someone develop trust for another whilst also helping relieve them of unhealthy emotions. It can help a person feel more joy and confidence within themselves.

This is the stone of universal love. It’s particularly effective after a period of working with Rose Quartz. As the stone of universal love, it’s full of acceptance, both self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. It also helps you honor and respect all stages of love, including grief. It can activate the Higher Heart Chakra pretty quickly.

Moss Agate

It contains a lot of power from Mother Nature. It is very nurturing and offers a lot of comfort. It will quickly cleanse any impurities in your aura.

New Jade

New Jade’s name is actually inaccurate, as it’s not a variety of jade but of serpentine. As there are many overlaps with New Jade’s properties and Jade’s properties, the name stuck. New Jade can induce a state of calmness and aid in meditation. It can be an ally for people to get out of a spell of depression or a situation where the wearer feels stuck. It can drive people to have a purge on an emotional level if that’s what they need.


This stone is the oldest mineral discovered to date. Its age is estimated to be around 3 billion years old (yes, with a “b”). This is a versatile crystal that adapts to the needs of the wearer. It can act subtly and gradually, or it can be powerful and strong. It’s smart enough to assess both who the person carrying is and what they need, and the nature of the situation at hand. It is among the best crystals for protection out there.


Obsidian is the healing crystal meant for intensive protection and care of the mind. The stone is often used to form a shield around the mind to help protect it from both physical and emotional negativity.

This stone is also helpful when it comes to clearing your mind of negative energy and blockage for clarity, strength and compassion. Where these already exist, Obsidian can heighten them.

Physically, Obsidian is used to aid digestion, pain reduction and detoxification. If you constantly experience menstrual pains or constant headaches, Obsidian may be a stone you want to keep close by in addition to your doctor’s prescriptions.

Ocean Jasper

This crystal invites you to be more spontaneous and go with the flow. It helps you be more cheerful and find the joy in everyday life.


In any color, it is excellent for grounding. It will help people who have trouble with organization become more settled and be able to follow through with their plans. Black Onyx is incredibly protective and will keep any negative energies and entities away.


Opalite is made up of Clear Quartz and Opal. Opal is a great stone for getting in touch with our more emotional side. The Clear Quartz component strengthens the nature of Opal. Ideal for people who need to get in touch with their feelings.

Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite helps to speed up development on both a physical and spiritual level, whilst encouraging self-trust. It can also aid ‘clear sight’, both literally and symbolically.

A great stone for scrying, it can connect you to your clairvoyant abilities as well as other psychic abilities. In more mundane terms, it might mean that your mind is clouding your judgement and you need to think less and gain more clarity.

Orange Calcite

This crystal helps you overcome any mental obstacles that affect your creativity.

Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite, in particular, is a very uplifting variety of Kyanite as it is highly energizing and motivational. It can also help promote and enhance creativity.

This crystal will connect you creatively with other planes. You will gain new and innovative ideas for your artistic work in progress from your ancestors or people in other dimensions. Imagine the potential Orange Kyanite holds!

Oregon Sunstone

This crystal helps relieve someone of feelings of failure and also eases sad memories from the past. its properties do vary from ordinary Sunstone.

Orange or Peach Amazonite

A naturally occurring variant of Amazonite that’s naturally orange in color, it differs from its green counterpart in that it helps the wearer be a warrior not with their voices but with their creative endeavors. It will help the wearer set boundaries through new, fresh ideas, through their creative endeavors, and even through their efforts towards literal fertility. It can help people who have suffered from not being able to articulate their boundaries in the bedroom – whether this has been through coercion or because of a personal obstacle.


Peridot is commonly linked with the heart chakra, as it can be used to balance and stimulate that chakra. It is a great crystal for compassion and healing and can be used to heal and bring harmony to all kinds of relationships, particularly marriage.

This crystal aids in emotional and physical detox processes. Excellent for hurt egos, as it soothes them. It instills the value of hard work and wards off laziness.


Petalite is a very powerful protection stone as it helps to shield against negativity. It can also help to heal somebody after emotional trauma and encourage them to love and take care of themselves.


This crystal can assist in linking the third eye and crown is also believed to stimulate prosperity and financial abundance, as well as heightening psychic abilities.

Pink Amethyst

This variety of amethyst was discovered very recently, in 2019, in a mine in Patagonia, Argentina. As this is the only mine to date where this stone can be found, it’s a rare variety of amethyst. The difference in color is caused by hematite insertions while amethyst was still under the ground. The presence of Hematite makes this a more grounding and earthy variety of Amethyst. It can harmonize and amplify the Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Heart Chakra simultaneously. If a transformation needs to become tangible and material, work with Pink Amethyst. Because there is hematite in it, it can help people recover from psychic attacks, the Evil Eye and dark energies sent their way. It can also help people recover from emotional burnout and exhaustion.

Pink Cat’s Eye

It promotes cheerfulness and serenity. It can help you gain a more positive outlook. It promotes intuition and enhances awareness.

You may wish to note that Cat’s Eye is can often be a man-made crystal cut into a cabochon from a certain type of glass. However, purely natural Cat’s Eye is a polished Chrysoberyl with the appearance of a characteristic internal reflection. If it is cut from any other variety of crystal, it requires a postfix to the name, for example, Cat’s Eye Quartz.

Pink Tourmaline

This is a powerful healing crystal that can be linked to helping people recover from depression. This is because it can help relieve attachments to past illnesses or injuries.


Prasiolite helps to relax the respiratory system and helps to leave a calming effect. It can also be used to help strengthen and express a person’s emotions.

Preseli Bluestone

This stone is very much related to getting in touch with past lives particularly in the time of Celtic Britain. It is believed that this stone can help you gain information about the past and even connect with ancestors from that period of time.

Purple or Lavender Jade

This is a variety of Jade that’s naturally purple in color (hence the name). When it’s kept under the pillow or on the nightstand, it can help you connect to the spiritual collective through dreams. It can help you have prophetic dreams about events that will affect the collectivity as a whole. Beware that these dreams will very rarely be literal. Divinity does not generally benefit from telling people the what, who, and how. They are more like metaphors that inform you of what to expect energetically speaking and how you can help.


The best crystal for manifesting wealth. Great to give as a gift and to have in different points of your home. In Feng Shui, the area dedicated to wealth is called Xun. You can find it on the left back corner of your home (seen from the doorway). Pyrite is perfect to harmonize and activate the Xun.


Quartz of any color works as an amplifier of the energy around it. It can make other crystals more powerful, as well as being wonderful for directing energy in any direction. Quartz attracts positive energies and can be cleansing, especially in combination with protective crystals like obsidian or black onyx.

Rainbow Fluorite/Multi Fluorite

It will harmonize your mind on any level. This crystal will align your thoughts with your higher purpose and help you logically come to terms with any newfound psychic abilities and gifts.

Rainbow Moonstone

This crystal brings to all seven chakras the heightened intuition of Moonstone. Great for people who are trying to get in touch with their bodies, as it will teach them to identify what their whole body and aura needs for them to be the best version of themselves.

Red Aventurine

This crystal aids in diffusing any emotional tension that has shown itself as physical symptoms of any kind. It will help you identify the root of your distress. It can also help in any emotional blockages or issues around sex or your sexual orientation.

Red Goldstone

This crystal offers a boost of creativity. It helps you reconnect with joy and the cheerfulness of everyday life. If you are an artist who’s going through a creative dry spell, or if you have trouble connecting to the things that make you happy, this crystal is for you.

Red Tiger’s Eye

It will help you become more driven and passionate. It can stimulate your libido and sexual performance.


Rhodonite is for emotional stability and healing. This stone can help you heal from past emotional traumas, abuse and scars. It does this by nurturing peace and love within your heart. Most importantly, the stone helps to stimulate the heart to become receptive again to these feelings and make you more open.

If you always find yourself behind the closed doors in groups or always putting up walls to avoid heartbreaks, you might want to consider getting a rhodonite as it can help nurture self-love within your heart.

Physically, rhodonite provides relieve from insect bits and can be used to promote growth as well as for healing hearing organs.

Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional love, the journey that this crystal invites you to embark on is one of unconditional self-love. It will help you see your own worth and increase your self-esteem. As it works on your self-confidence from the inside out, it can make you physically more beautiful. It helps you repair a broken heart by falling head over heels for yourself. Place it on your pillow while you’re out and about to attract love into your life.


Ruby is the healing crystal for restoring vitality and replenishing your energy levels. The redness of this stone is also a strong sign of its ability to improve your sex life, sensuality and accentuate your physical beauty.

Ruby in ancient times is the healing crystal for removing poison and toxins from the body. Today, you can use this stone to understand the truth about your mind as it brings about a heightened state of self-awareness when used regularly.

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby offers a second heart. When you thought you didn’t have it in you to keep going, here comes Ruby offering you the strength you needed. Zoisite offers some emotional comfort so it makes the process of Ruby less rough on the edges and more smooth and palatable.


Sapphire is a blue colour crystal. It is regarded as the stone of wisdom and beauty.

Thus, it is used to attract prosperity, happiness and peace. The stone is also an important magnet for sharpening your intuition.

Being a stone of beauty, Sapphire will not only beautify the physical body but will also open your mind to the beauty of your life and that of the people around you.

Sapphire is also used to treat physical health issues like depression, anxiety, eye issues and blood disorders.


Sardonyx is a highly protective crystal that is used mainly to heighten the wearer’s state of happiness, optimism and self-control.

A lot of people tend to erroneously believe that black onyx is the only type of black stone. Black onyx is instead the most common black in the market and the one with higher demand. Sardonyx is the more infamous but highly effective black that could be used to earth the wearer’s life.

Earthing brings about stability and attracts fortune. The end of this is a happier life with good stamina.

Go with sardonyx if you are looking for a crystal that could improve the stability of your life, friendship, marriage and happiness.


One of the best crystals for channeling, selenite opens up portals with other dimensions. Place it on top of your tarot deck when you’re not using it to improve its accuracy, and when doing readings keep it close to you. It is also great for psychics and people getting in touch with other dimensions. You can use it for a quick aura cleansing. It is highly energizing, so keep it in places like your office or the living room (rather than the bedroom). It is the only crystal that cleanses itself. If you place other crystals around it, they will also be cleansed. It will get destroyed underwater.

Seraphinite (Seraphina)

That which is from above is above all and can enlighten us on the better ways of life. Seraphina is named after seraphim, an angel.

Seraphina is the healing crystal for enlightenment. It is one of the few healing crystals that can help you connect with higher powers for spiritual enlightenment. As such, the stone is often recommended for those who will want to gain a better understanding of the secrets of life and the universe.

Physically, Seraphina can aid the healing of the brain, nerves and spinal cord.

It can help you communicate with angels and archangels. It will guide you to change your life for the better. It will quickly balance and harmonize all of the seven chakras.


This crystal can create a focus for those who find meditation difficult. It is very useful for restoring energy when feeling low and depleted.

Shiva Lingam

It provides a sense of union, especially in the sense of a united, nourishing family. People who are attracted to this crystal often suffered from a lack of nurturing from their families in their early days. Shiva Lingam makes you feel this sense of unity and nourishment from Mother Earth.


A strong and efficient protective crystal. Especially efficient when it comes to negativity from other planes. It also cancels out the negative energies that come from the use of technology.


Silicon encourages calmness, a feeling of lightness and a sense of peaceful serenity upon a person. It can also enhance communication and thoughts.

Smokey Quartz

A stone for cleansing and purification. It can be used to direct negative energy out of your space or aura. It can also aid in physical purification processes. It can be relaxing and induce you to sleep if you suffer from excessive or obsessive thoughts.

Snowflake Obsidian

It can help you overcome anger issues as well as resentment. It is comforting if you are feeling lonely. It removes negative energy from your aura.


Great for overthinkers and people who suffer from anxiety. This is a calming stone that invites you to organize your thoughts and prevents overthinking. Perfect for your night-table and accessories.

Stalactitic Chalcedony

This is very high-frequency vibration crystal and therefore is generally for the more experienced users. This is due to the fact that it can aid communication with both the Angelic Realms and with nature spirits

Starburst Quartz

This crystal helps one to follow hopes, dreams, and ambitions to their greatest height. It also helps to lift spirits and encourages drive and ambition.


Stromatolite is one of the oldest stones on the planet. The stone was formed from the crystallization of early life on the planet thousands of years ago and remained one of the most prized stones for healing.

Stromatolite is regarded as the stone of transformation. It helps in emotional level transformation and can help to stabilize your emotional health as it removes all blockage and chakras.

Since stromatolite helps in removing blockage, it is an excellent aid for meditation and can improve your ability to focus during meditation. Since it consists mainly of ancient remains of organisms, stromatolite is believed to be able to link the wearer to ancient source of wisdom.


Sunstone helps to uplift someone when there feeling low, that’s why it can be used alongside other things as a form of anti-depressant. In relation to this, it can help let go of feelings of failure and eases sadness from the past.

Tibetan Quartz

This crystal is recommended for more experienced crystal healers as it exhibits a powerful, focused and detached linear energy. Also, due to the fact that it can be used as a wand or control crystal.

Tiger’s Eye

This crystal invites you to heal your relationship with your mother at a soul level. Healing your relationship with your mother will bring about abundance and love. It can also help you come to terms with motherhood, wherever you are in that journey. It is great for students as it increases focus and helps you retain information. It is very energizing.

Tigerskin Jasper

This variety of Jasper offers energy and vitality, but it does so in small doses so it’s not overwhelming for sensitive people and can be apt to wear during rest, as it will amplify the recovery of the body, mind, and soul that happens when one rests. It can help people connect to what their bodies want and need. It can also be used for grounding and give people the energy they need to finish important projects.             


Titanite helps to calm, stabilize and balance moods and emotions. Alongside this, it acts as an overall healing crystal.


this can be used to help overcome and accept challenges we come across in life whilst giving us the energy to face them.


This crystal can help to strengthen, calm and protect, whilst blocking out negative influences and helping prevent mood swings by promoting self-expression.


A crystal for healing and forgiveness. It will gently remove what is no longer serving you and align you with opportunities that will help you open up your heart chakra.


Excellent for manifesting wealth and prosperity. It will attract love and joy. Great for people who are feeling lonely or abandoned, as it will soothe these feelings. Great for people who need to feel at peace.


Vanadinite is a powerful energy booster and can encourage one’s creativity as it helps to clear obstructions in this department. It also offers stamina to see a particular task through.

This crystal reminds us that the best opportunities start to come up once we accept exactly who we are and make it our mission to be our truest selves. It might sound really simple, but many of us often fall prey to what others expect of us and forget this very simple truth.

Vera Cruz Amethyst

This crystal can help aid sleep as it gives off very calm and soothing energy. It is also believed to be helpful when going through bereavement or addiction.


The vibration of this crystal is similar to that of the Queen of Wands in the Tarot. It has a very feminine approach to strength: It achieves strength through the surrender of the ego.


This is a good crystal for self-progression and allows someone to see the whole picture in any situation. It is also good for distributing energy evenly throughout the body.

White Jasper

It brings about hope and can help you manifest a new beginning. Especially effective for New Moon rituals. It can be very nurturing, especially during times of stress.


Xenotime helps to remove obstructions in the way of success and helps a person to focus on an end goal, whilst enhancing creative abilities.

Yellow Calcite

It can help you get over any mental obstacles that are blocking your path to authenticity and self-actualization.

Zebra Jasper

An incredibly positive crystal that aids you in grounding. It can help you manifest new opportunities and success. It can also help people who suffer from anxiety.


This is an energizing and mood-lifting crystal. It is also a good aid for manifestations when used in small doses.

This crystal is great for people who are looking for a boost of creativity. It will help people who are going through transition and change. It will attract positive change into your life. It offers an anchor to the physical realm.


This is a helpful crystal in terms of bereavement as it can help recovery from loss, and can aid detachment from the material side of the world.


Often found in combination with ruby, it provides strength for healing the heart chakra and expands this center of energy.