Scrying: The Door to Divination and Self-Discovery

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Scrying mirror

In pop culture, the image of a witch with her crystal ball is very popular. Scrying, however, is a deeply spiritual practice that connects you with your higher self. If done well, scrying can help you decipher the near future, as well as help you be more self-aware and gain more from your shadow work.

Scrying is a way for you to get in touch with your subconscious. It will show you through symbols what’s the outcome of a situation that’s on your mind, or what aspects of your personality you have a hard time seeing.

Want a few tips to help you? When scrying, it is important to ground yourself before and after doing it.

As it will show you images that are very personal to you, it is also important to keep a journal for scrying and write down what you saw, what your question was and how you think the images relate to the question.

It is important that you think about what the image means to you. Maybe you saw an orchid, and orchids always remind you of your grandma who passed on because she loved them. So maybe the answer to your question has to do with her or what she represents to you, independently of what a book might tell you that orchids mean.


Has scrying sparked your curiosity? Whether you’re using it as a method of divination or to advance in your shadow work, scrying with crystals can bring about a lot of clarity into your practice. Here are some of the most versatile scrying crystals:


Clear Quartz Ball

Possibly the most versatile crystal for scrying, Clear Quartz will help you visualize anything you need either for divination purposes or to enhance self-awareness. As Clear Quartz acts like an amplifier, a Clear Quartz ball will amplify everything that you are and make it visible to you.


Blue Howlite Ball

Do you tend to rationalize what you’re feeling? Do you feel like sometimes it’s hard to know what your actual emotions are? Do you have a hard time communicating what you feel, or being assertive while also remaining empathetic? A Blue Howlite Ball will help you gain a better understanding of your emotions and those of others. Once you get this emotional clarity, it will help you understand how to better communicate your needs and what you feel.


Obsidian Mirror

Ideal for shadow work. It will show you who you are clearly, both the parts you like about yourself and the parts of you that you have a hard time seeing and recognizing, or that hurt others. It will also show you your repressed trauma. If you are just starting out with an obsidian mirror, we recommend using a few pieces of Rose Quartz at the same time. Keep them close to you or wear them as a charm around your neck. Rose Quartz will give you some comfort as obsidian reveals information that can be hard to swallow. It will make the experience more balanced as you will remember to love yourself while seeing the part of you that are hard to accept.


What is your favorite tool for scrying? What scrying crystal are you the most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!


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Tarot is a way to concentrate the imagination so that it can see beyond the boundaries of our physical senses and the physical plane. The cards show what the spiritual lessons have been so far and what you have yet to learn. Most of the time, people ask certain questions about love, marriages, job, important decisions, business, investment, travel. There are many structures to study, such as the tree of life, colour scales, Hebrew letters, numerology, paths, symbolism, alchemy, astrology, myths, and meditation.

The person in tune with the tarot cards should be very intuitive and connected to their deck, the cards are the instruments of the spirit to address the questions of the lower mind. The higher mind knows the answers to all the questions. When the tarot cards are spread, they can be useful in making decisions on important topics.

There are many applications that can be used on the deck. You should choose the deck that best suits your instincts. Cards are most often laid out in trees.

For eg, Three Cards spread out for love: the first card is You, the second the other person, and the third the relationship. Next round of tree cars: what do you intend for this relationship? What is their intention, and third, where the partnership will end? The third round is about what attracts you to this individual, what are the difficulties, and, thirdly, how to deal with those difficulties.


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Being Clairvoyant means that one sees the fine matter or, in other words, the spiritual realms exactly like one sees life on earth. This occurrence is believed to happen when a third eye of the individual is opened. Many people are trying to open their third eye without any luck, but let me warn you that possessing such a vision brings great responsibility, and it’s not just unicorns and adorable fairies.

What is it about then?

As you may be aware, there is light and darkness in this universe, and they don’t mix together. An inexperienced person attempting to attune to higher realms above Earth may end up attuning to elementals and different forms of love energy beings. For this reason, it is necessary for a person to have guidance, to have the right meditation, and to have an understanding of certain matters. The astral world is pretty much material like ours, and our world appears like fog and gloom to the inhabitants of the astral worlds.

How to become clairvoyant?

First and foremost, you need to learn how to RELAX your mind. Learn to relax your body fully, which is a difficult task for many people. On average, it takes 10 minutes to get really relaxed, which also means that you have to lie down… and try not to fall asleep while doing so. Other times it can take up to 30 minutes, depending on how tense the mind is. The next step is to meditate, the first thing to do is to look inward. Connect with the Higher Mind, for this is really your spiritual guide, your angel, your guiding light, or Christ.

Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual healing

One might ask what it feels like to be spiritually healed and free from any physical or mental illness. Often spiritual healing is believed to be energy healing or psychic healing. Many practitioners who experience specific training to learn the processes of this unique healing are able to heal others afterward. People always wonder how it works and why healing hands get hot. There’s no objective evidence of how healing works, it’s all a taboo for researchers. I’m going to try to clarify how my perceptions work.

What’s going to happen during the healing session?

A healer enters a meditative state where he is connected to a person needing healing. This phase of communication arises intuitively where the healer connects with the Higher Mind of the person in mind after a certain way of meditative concentration. At this point, the healer is able to feel or even see the issue with the individual. It’s like scanning a person that needs to be healed, and when the healer is ready, the process will BEGIN.

What’s the healing process like?

It isn’t necessary to make special arrangements in order to be healed; alternatively, one must simply relax, sit in a chair or lie on a sofa fully dressed. At this point, hands and legs should not be crossed to let the energy flow freely. The healer places his or her hands on various areas of the body, and the hands may feel very hot. This is totally natural since the healer is working with the energies of the Life Force.

Pendulum Dowsing

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Dowsing with a pendulum is one of the quickest ways to answer your uncertainty especially when such uncertainty requires either a yes/no answer.

The technique itself is quite straightforward and does not require much in terms of learning curve or paraphernalia. In fact, most times all you’ll need to dowse with a pendulum is the pendulum itself and your faith.

A pendulum is a weighted string. When you tie a weight such as a metal, bead, stone or wood chip etc. at the end of a string then you’ll have a pendulum.  The sole aim of a pendulum is to swing in a ‘to and fro’ direction to help you make the right decision when you’re at a crossroad.

A crystal dowsing pendulum, however, is often made with a crystal attached to the end of a chain. There are several types of crystals and each of these is suited for different individuals. As such, when looking for a dowsing pendulum, you should seek out the pendulum with your type of crystal stone or better still only go for a pendulum that you are irresistibly drawn to.

How does dowsing with a pendulum work?

The working principle of a pendulum is very simple and straightforward. Once you understand the various forces that are at work in you and how these forces are interconnected with one another and with the higher power or soul of the universe, then you will begin to understand and appreciate the truth behind pendulum divination.

One of the forces at work in us humans is our conscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of us which helps us to make decisions and take rational actions. This mind is just a tip of the iceberg of our subconscious.

The subconscious is where everything you have ever known, felt or imagined is stored. This aspect of our lives can only be reached through deep meditation and focus. The subconscious is also connected to your higher self which is your soul in its purest state.

The soul is in turn connected to the source of all things; the wisdom of the universe also known as the almighty. Since we cannot draw thoughts directly from the soul of the universe through our conscious mind, we must strive to connect with it through our subconscious.

The pendulum in itself does not possess any special magical power to answer your diving questions accurately. Rather it is a tool that helps your conscious mind reads and interpret the answers your subconscious gains from your higher intelligence.

When you hold your pendulum in a meditative state waiting for it to vibrate to answer your question, your subconscious connects with your higher self which in turn is connected with the wisdom of the universe. It draws its answers from this all-knowing force and the response causes a vibration in your hand.

This vibration is usually attributed to ideomotor by scientists but we understand that it is our subconscious passing a message through our conscious mind by stimulating the muscles in the hand to answer our questions in a very specific way.

Does the length of the pendulum matter?

The length of the sting of your pendulum matters to some extent. Remember the pendulum does not answer your questions but only act as a tool for the subconscious to communicate with your conscious mind. As such the length of the pendulum will have no effect on your answer.

The problem of length, however, arises as a result of the kind of weight you will be using at the end of the string. If you are using a very lightweight about an ounce, then its best you make use of a short string. This will help the pendulum to oscillate into a definite vibratory pattern to help you answer your question faster and if you are making use of a heavyweight about two to three ounces at the end of your string then you should make use of a longer string.

The problem of length often disappears by itself once you become conversant with the pendulum and understand it enough to vary it as you wish.

How to use the pendulum to dowse for answers

Dowsing with a pendulum is quite easy. One of the first things you should have in mind is the straightforwardness of the answer a pendulum can provide.

Like the Urim and Thummin. The pendulum is best for answering questions that require either a yes or no answer.

When you have narrowed down your options to these two possibilities then you can make use of your dowsing pendulum to answer the question. While holding the string of your pendulum with the other fingers pointing downward, you’ll want to establish the movements that are for ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’.

Ask your pendulum to show you a movement that is for ‘yes’. When it moves, note the movement. Also, ask it for a movement for ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ and note these movements down. After noting the various movements, then proceeding with asking you questions and watching the movement of the pendulum in response to each question. Compare this with the yes, no and maybe movement and you’ll have your answer.

How to Runecast

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rose quartz rune set

How to Read with my Runes

by Elaine Browne (Reiki Level II)

Rune stones date back many centuries as a tool used for divination. Each carries a symbolic inscription which is subject to interpretation, categorised within the same family as pendulums and tarot cards

Prior to any use of stones:

Take time to clear your mind and focus on what it is you seek answers to, taking the bag filled with stones in your receptive/dominant hand, mentally or vocally call upon your divinity of choice; angels/spirit guides etc and invite only those from the highest vibrations and from the white light of the holy spirit to make contact and work for your greater good, clearly state that no other realms are welcome.

It is important to cleanse all stones both before and after any use in order for them to work for you. This can be done via smudging or rinsing under flowing water.

Think carefully about how to word your questions to the runes, for e.g. open questions allow much more scope for explanations unless it is a yes or no only reading.

Basic Readings

One rune draw:

Ideal for use on a daily basis as a guide towards your day- suggested questions maybe what do I need to know to make my day a success/i.e. should Anzus be drawn it may well imply that communication will prove to be of importance that day and be sure to listen well.

Three rune reading:

Pose the desired question and extract three rune stones (one at a time) from the bag. Interpretation is as follows; the first stone will hold an understanding of the question which has been asked (an overview). The second stone relates to ‘action’ interpreting your opinions and what you may now wish to do next. The third should be fairly self-explanatory and viewed as an outcome.

Four stone reading:

After stating your question, remove four stones (one at a time) from the bag and lay them out from left to right. The first stone represents influences of the past, the second is current, the third one potential influences in the future and the fourth is representative of general energies and lessons to be learned if behaviors are left unchanged.

Blank Runes:

If a blank rune is drawn at any time it can imply that the question is either not yet fully able or ready to be answered, or that it may be better that you don’ t know the answer. A repeat of the question may be asked, however, should it still drawing as blank after a ‘third’ time, then this would strongly suggest that you are simply not meant to know the answer.


Be sure to acknowledge and thank both the stones and your called upon divinity to ensure future guidance.

If you are someone who likes to reflect back, then it may be a good idea to create a log of the day/ time/ date/ place/purpose of reading.

Happy Reading