Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual healing

One might ask what it feels like to be spiritually healed and free from any physical or mental illness. Often spiritual healing is believed to be energy healing or psychic healing. Many practitioners who experience specific training to learn the processes of this unique healing are able to heal others afterward. People always wonder how it works and why healing hands get hot. There’s no objective evidence of how healing works, it’s all a taboo for researchers. I’m going to try to clarify how my perceptions work.

What’s going to happen during the healing session?

A healer enters a meditative state where he is connected to a person needing healing. This phase of communication arises intuitively where the healer connects with the Higher Mind of the person in mind after a certain way of meditative concentration. At this point, the healer is able to feel or even see the issue with the individual. It’s like scanning a person that needs to be healed, and when the healer is ready, the process will BEGIN.

What’s the healing process like?

It isn’t necessary to make special arrangements in order to be healed; alternatively, one must simply relax, sit in a chair or lie on a sofa fully dressed. At this point, hands and legs should not be crossed to let the energy flow freely. The healer places his or her hands on various areas of the body, and the hands may feel very hot. This is totally natural since the healer is working with the energies of the Life Force.

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