Scrying: The Door to Divination and Self-Discovery

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Scrying mirror

In pop culture, the image of a witch with her crystal ball is very popular. Scrying, however, is a deeply spiritual practice that connects you with your higher self. If done well, scrying can help you decipher the near future, as well as help you be more self-aware and gain more from your shadow work.

Scrying is a way for you to get in touch with your subconscious. It will show you through symbols what’s the outcome of a situation that’s on your mind, or what aspects of your personality you have a hard time seeing.

Want a few tips to help you? When scrying, it is important to ground yourself before and after doing it.

As it will show you images that are very personal to you, it is also important to keep a journal for scrying and write down what you saw, what your question was and how you think the images relate to the question.

It is important that you think about what the image means to you. Maybe you saw an orchid, and orchids always remind you of your grandma who passed on because she loved them. So maybe the answer to your question has to do with her or what she represents to you, independently of what a book might tell you that orchids mean.


Has scrying sparked your curiosity? Whether you’re using it as a method of divination or to advance in your shadow work, scrying with crystals can bring about a lot of clarity into your practice. Here are some of the most versatile scrying crystals:


Clear Quartz Ball

Possibly the most versatile crystal for scrying, Clear Quartz will help you visualize anything you need either for divination purposes or to enhance self-awareness. As Clear Quartz acts like an amplifier, a Clear Quartz ball will amplify everything that you are and make it visible to you.


Blue Howlite Ball

Do you tend to rationalize what you’re feeling? Do you feel like sometimes it’s hard to know what your actual emotions are? Do you have a hard time communicating what you feel, or being assertive while also remaining empathetic? A Blue Howlite Ball will help you gain a better understanding of your emotions and those of others. Once you get this emotional clarity, it will help you understand how to better communicate your needs and what you feel.


Obsidian Mirror

Ideal for shadow work. It will show you who you are clearly, both the parts you like about yourself and the parts of you that you have a hard time seeing and recognizing, or that hurt others. It will also show you your repressed trauma. If you are just starting out with an obsidian mirror, we recommend using a few pieces of Rose Quartz at the same time. Keep them close to you or wear them as a charm around your neck. Rose Quartz will give you some comfort as obsidian reveals information that can be hard to swallow. It will make the experience more balanced as you will remember to love yourself while seeing the part of you that are hard to accept.


What is your favorite tool for scrying? What scrying crystal are you the most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!

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