Some Blessings to Manifest on Imbolc

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Imbolc celebrates the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. More, specifically, the first stirrings of spring are celebrated. After a long winter, we start to observe little patches of life and a small amount of plants and flowers coming into bloom. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s celebrated between January the 31st and February the 1st. It originated in Neolithic Ireland and Scotland, and it’s no surprise it’s intimately linked to a Celtic Deity, Brigid.

Rebirth is celebrated during this time. This makes it a great time to manifest or rebuild yourself after a hard time. The color of Imbolc is red and fire is a very important part of the celebration. You’re encouraged to light candles and enjoy fire in other ways, such as lighting a fire in your hearth, if you’ve got one in your home. Use this time to ask for guidance and help during a transformation process.

Red is one of Brigid’s sacred colors. Some people leave a piece of red ribbon outside of their homes overnight on Imbolc and then look at the state of it once the night has passed. If it looks lush and may even look longer, you’ve been blessed by Brigid and can expect a fruitful springtime. If, on the contrary, it looks dull and it looks shorter than it was the night before, you may expect hardship this coming spring. The ribbon that you dedicated to Brigid during Imbolc can be used later as a healing tool. Tie it around your head when you have a headache, your stomach if you need to settle it, and so on. You may reuse the same piece of red ribbon every Imbolc to make it stronger.

Apples and dairy products are also sacred to Brigid, though, if you’re vegan or allergic to dairy, you may replace dairy with vegan milk. Almonds are a very abundant dry fruit and oats have cleansing and protective qualities, for example. A great activity to do during Imbolc is to bake an apple pie, as it combines many products that are sacred to Brigid. Given the fact that apples have ties to longevity, you can set an intention of manifesting stability and solid relationships and job opportunities while you bake the apple pie.

You may also light a red candle in honor of Brigid. As Brigid is the Goddess of Poets and Imbolc is her holiday, you may use this opportunity to manifest the end of a creative’s block or eloquence. Crystals like Orange Calcite are great for putting an end to creative’s block, whereas Blue Aventurine is a better choice for eloquence. Brigid may also restore the passion in a relationship that seems to have lost it along the way. Remember, Imbolc is all about rebirth.

Have you ever celebrated Imbolc before? What’s your favorite part of Imbolc? Tell us in the comments!

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