Angelite Small Sphere 30 mm



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This is a beautiful 30 mm diameter small Angelite sphere.

Angelite can help to aid a conscious connection with the Angelic Realm. It encourgages telepathy and activates out-of-body journeys with an ever present sense of grounding.

Labelled as a New Age “stone of awareness”, Angelite itself originates from the crystal Celestite and with which shares many of it’s characteristics.

Angelic encourages honesty and acceptance and generates an all-round feeling of calm and wisdom.

It is a key to aid for psychic channelling and in terms of healing it is said to alleviate swelling and soothe sunburn with the effect of being to repair damaged tissues and blood vessels.

The ball shape emits energy in all directions and can be used in scrying as a window into the past or the future.

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Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 mm


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