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This beautiful Lapis Lazuli specimen weighs 265 grams and can be stood upright. It is a fine example of how Lapis Lazuli radiates its deep blue colour.

Measuring 93 x 28 x 15 mm it is a majestic piece that would make a fine part of any collection.

Lapis lazuli is one of the most highly sought-after stones in ancient Egypt. This white blue stone is highly prized for its ability to connect the wearer to the universal source of wisdom. As such, the stone is regarded as the symbol of royalty, wisdom, gods and power.

Today lapis lazuli is regarded by most energy healers as the crystal of truth. It helps to reveal the innermost truth and wisdom that may have otherwise eluded you. To bring out this inner truth, the stone tends to diminish some of the negative emotions such as repressed anger etc. which may otherwise reduce your ability to express these inner feelings and truth to their fullest potential.

Lapis lazuli also encourages dignity in friendship and as such, can bring peace and honest into a relationship. This can help to increase the quality of intimacy that you have when you begin using the stone.


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